Seeing taken photos when in flight

Afternoon All,

I might be completely missing a trick here but any help or advice greatly appreciated.

With the dark nights and mornings setting in I’ve been out doing a lot more early morning and night shots with longer exposures.

In these cases what you see on the screen is unlikely what you’ve captured so without coming out of “Go Fly” mode and into the editor in the DJi app is there a way (even with a second device) to see a preview of the photo you’ve taken?

It’s frustrating to have to land, review your shot, go back in the air and try to get back to where you were to make adjustments and try again.
Clicking DJi in the top left and going into the editor whilst the drones in the area feels really sketchy so I’d prefer a way to see a preview on a second device if possible.



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Hey Dave not sure which app you’re using to fly with but in DJI Fly app just below the shutter button on the right there is a play button. If you hit that you can have a quick look at what you just took. Once you have checked you can just use the back button in the top left to go back to the main flight view. Hope this helps