Select Committee report on Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK

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That’s a lot of “If’s and But’s and Maybe’s” Bullshit, (from what I have read), we are a long way from this being acceptable to all parties.
At this rate we will be lucky for it to take place at all !.

These are only recommendations. At some point the government will respond to say what they propose to accept or otherwise. I suspect they may have other matters on their mind for a while though!

Most interesting proposal for me was the proposal to make electronic visibility in flight compulsory, including for existing drones, which I guess would be pretty difficult - possible for some drones if implemented through the controller app, but requires an internet connection and at the mercy of whether DJI et al make it happen.

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I find the suggestion of “electronic conspicuity” somewhat hypocritical.

My model flying club, which appears in official air navigation documents, is regularly invaded by small commercial aircraft. These aircraft do not carry the suggested electronic conspicuity devices, meaning ADSB. Add this to the fact that modelflying has a restricted altitude there would be no direct line of sight to the nearest regional airport for the 1.090GHz signal to be received.

I have a feeling that whom ever proposed this idea had very little to no understanding of the technology or how it works but just saw the Flightradar24 app in the AppleGoogle store and ran with it.

Cynical? Moi?



There seem to be some sensible thoughts about use of ADS-B here and here. I believe DJI are committed to including ADS-B on future drones?

There’s a critical review of the Parliamentary report here:

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I have only quickly read the report and a couple of things seem to stand out. All the measures being proposed will not materially add to the current drone safety. The criminal element will ignore registration and may well hack geo-fencing and electronic conspicuity.

The debate on the validity of Airprox reports continues. The report shows a degree of doubt on the “drone attack” on Gatwick

Captain Tim Pottage is a knob!

There was a knee-jerk reaction to two rogue firearms holders actions. Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane) and Michael Ryan (Hungerford) brought the almost daily American mass shootings to the UK and legislation was, on each occasion, brought in to prevent it happening again. The criminal element have not been deterred from gun use, hobby shooters have been heavily restricted. Serious shooters such as Malcolm Cooper, Olympic medallist and other competitive shooters near me have to travel to Belgium monthly in order to practice.

This seems to be a reasonable look at UAV operations, however I fear that our government will ignore it
ans provide a similar knee-jerk reaction to the media hysteria that seems to blame everything on drones and introduce overly restrictive regulation. There are, to my knowledge, no British drone industries in marginal constituencies at threat that would hinder such laws being passed.

I’m off to follow kvetner’s link to the Register to see what the Vulture has to say on the matter.

Can we have that on a T Shirt?

Also, what about FPV Drones…? Will they need added transponders for their 3 minutes in the air…? Or is their a weight threshold

I think they should make the damn seagulls wear the transponders, they’re the real crims,


Thank you for the links, @kvetner.

I know that I, and many others like me, are somewhat biased on this whole subject but that bias is supported by un-refutable evidence and common sense. Hence the Register article plays right into my wheelhouse.

Still I think the misguided notion of equipping anything that can sustain flight a few feet above the deck with an ADSB device is a crack pipe dream, especially if we’re expected to spend $2000 in order to keep our legacy craft, including foam models, in the air legally.

We can draw many comparisons between our innocuous activities and the leisure activities of others, that are far more dangerous to the operator and others, that are free from this overt regulation, but it is lost on the powers-that-be due to their own purposeful ignorance. Conversely we can see how a knee-jerk reaction can overnight turn law abiding individuals and those in the trade into criminals because existing laws were not enforced/upheld by those responsible. This same knee-jerk reaction served absolutely nothing to address the criminal aspect. I’m talking of the handgun ban, even though I have no interest myself in ever owning a firearm.

To be honest I am at a loss as to how a bunch of unfashionably dressed blokes, standing in a field with their flying toys, have been so vehemently lambasted if not for just another revenue stream.

It’s definitely time for my medication, Nurse!!.:crazy_face:


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Ec isn’t a problem on fpv quads. Tbs support flarm on a crossfire diversity ex’s (both nano and big one)

How very bloody dare you :wink:


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Electronic conspicuous tech is already available for fpv quads. Team black sheep provide “flarm” on there crossfire diversity receivers

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@Wyntrblue Aha! cheers for that… :grinning:

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Here’s a thought will one these report ASL, AGL or altitude in relation to to controller. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: