Selling my drones

Hi all,

I have Menieres disease, a disorder of the inner ear, affecting my balance and hearing. I can’t fly my drones, because I naturally look up at them, and then fall over. I haven’t found a phone or app that I can see in sunlight.
I have a Mavic Pro in a case, with three batteries. I also have a Hubsan H501S with a case, spare batteries and props. This may be compromised, as I crashed it on the last flight, and now cannot connect to satellites.
They’re now on the market. Can you advise a sensible selling price?

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Sorry to hear that mate :confused:

If you’re willing to invest, in order to save your hobby, a CrystalSky Ultra could be a solution?

A 2000nits brightness screen with batteries that last forever.

The only way to get a current valuation of your kit (especially in todays world!) is to do an “Advanced Search” on eBay and filter your search for the Sold/Completed items.


Sell everything then go for M2P with smart controller, very good in sunlight i was surprised

And at least your still flying :+1:


I know a few people who absolutely have to sit down to fly. Particularly FPV.

Would sitting on the floor (perhaps on a mat or rug) or a camping chair be a solution to the balance issue?


I feel your pain - Ive had this bugger since my early 30’s but I’m fortunate in that I’ve learnt what NOT to do to trigger it, and the Stematil works wonders on them occasions when it decides to flare up. I try to avoid looking straight up when flying, as soon as I get the quad to 20 degrees off vertical I can cope fine. Similarly, I find looking straight down at the controller gets uncomfortable which is why I’ve opted for a 10 inch screen thats at 45 degrees to my neck - thats been a great improvement too as Im not hunching up to view a small screen. As @FPVUK suggests, sitting makes a huge difference - but thats easy for me given the wide open spaces around me here, I don’t need to stand to keep vlos. Keep trying variations of body posture as it would be a huge shame to have to give up the hobby. Back home i use the crystal sky and I’ve never had any vertigo issues as it makes flying very comfortable - maybe thats a good route for you to take.


Hi Ping. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work for over a year, so funds are tight!

Hi FPV. I’ll give that a try, I have sat down but not used a chair.

Hi Silverfox, thanks for replying. You have my sympathy! I’ve not been given Stematil, but instead use Prochlorperazine buccal for when it flares up.
I think I’ll wait until the lockdown ends, and give it another go.


I think its the same drug under a different name, but when i have had surgery they gave me a shot which had an immediate positive effect so I ask for this and keep the pills as a standby. Problem with this condition its so wide ranging - over the years I’ve gone from 8/10 to 2/10 so I’m VERY fortunate. I have tried all sorts and I know what conditions trigger it, which was vital as I fly long haul almost every month ( or i did before this lockdown ) As you are aware, head position is vital, so keep exploring ways to reduce "head up/head down " but I’m sure you have over the years but sitting is good tho I do use a “shooting stick” rather than a seat when flying the quad as I find I can control head movements much better when combined with a larger tablet to watch which I position chest high. Try every weird thing you can think of, one WILL work :pray:

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Thanks for the advice. One thing – not sure what you mean by - over the years I’ve gone from 8/10 to 2/10. Pardon my ignorance.

When this thing first hit me it was quite severe so I rated it as an 8 out of 10 ie very debilitating. Now ( touch wood ) its at worst a 2 out of 10 when it hits, but mainly i am at zero. Maybe work, diet & lifestyle changes helped - I dont know BUT for the last 15 years ive felt a whole lot better with just very occasional attacks. I wish you well in finding a solution.

I’d vouch for this. I know it’s not quite the same but I’ve nearly fell over doing fpv on a hill. I had to crash it. I take a chair with me now.