Selling my MP1 [SOLD]

Selling my Mavic Pro 1 with controller, charger, 2 x battery, carry case, spare props. Got a couple of ND filters and a foldable launch mat plus the original box.


Any questions let me know :+1:t3:


Why are yo selling the drone mate?

Having lost my MP in the sea 2 weeks ago, I’m looking for a replacement set, yours looks good as I don’t need the Fly More extras.

A few questions:

What condition is it in?
Crashes / Heavy landings / Repairs?
What flight time has it got?
How are the batteries?

Many thanks

Any batteries extra that aren’t needed I would be interested in.

Hiya mate - purely because I’ve flown it about 10 times in the 3/4 years I’ve had it! I have 2 jobs and 3 young kids so don’t really get a chance to go out anywhere.

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Hi Tidepool - I’ll take some pics and get the data for you. I did clip a branch last year and two of the props shattered, Immediately replaced all props though to be safe.

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Hiya mate - I’ve only got the 2 batteries which I assume will be sold with the MP itself, but if that doesn’t turn out to be the case for any reason I’ll let you know :+1:t3:

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If had come up on Thursday last I would have gone for it. Just paid £370 to get mine repaired.

Many thanks @S_O S_O, that all sounds excellent. Pics and data would be great when you get to it.

No worries about the props, I clipped one earlier in the year on a wooden post, amazing it didn’t crash then!

I was going to try some DJI low noise ones, so may do so if I get this.

Even 1 battery would be good, as I still have 2 from my remaining Fly More kit.

Tough call, I saw you went for ‘better the devil you know’, and that it still the case. It’s back after a professional repair and there is some come back if things aren’t 100%

I think I may order those 3D printed floats from the USA for my next over water adventure…

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ouch! what was up with it?

Hi Tidepool - the props are already the gold tip / low noise ones :slight_smile:

Fly away. Damage to arms gimbal mount, gimbal plate. Gimbal ribbon cables, top case that’s just what I recall off top of my head.
Not cheap but DJI authorised repairer, comes with warranty on work done and there was discount through being a member here.
I don’t have many vices and due to lockdown funds are tight so repairing the old girl was cheapest option at time.

Thanks @S_O, that’s good news!

@la4501 Glad to hear it’s back and OK. Thanks for the feedback and advice on repairs.
I’ve just recommended DD to my flying buddy who bought an Air 2 a fortnight ago as his original AIr is dead.

They may be able to resurrect it reasonably.

Hi there mate. have you still got it for sale, if so where a bouts are you, I am interested in this item.

Best Stu.

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Hi mate,

Still got it, but Tidepool did ask first so I’ll let you know if he passes :+1:

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Hi there, ok mate that’s fine, just let me know the out come.

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Thanks @S_O, I am very interested and having first refusal is much appreciated.

Are you OK to send it? I’m down in Bournemouth with my toes dipping in the channel!.

No worries - only fair way to do it. I was hoping to get the info to you at lunch today but work is crazy at the moment so I’ll get it done after work tonight if that’s ok?

And yeah no worries on sending it - I would send it special delivery anyway given the value so it’s all tracked/signed/insured etc.

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Thanks @S_O, no worries on the timing, I’m working today too.

Not sure what the RM may say about sending unattached lithium batteries in the post.

As far as I know they are allergic to batteries unless self contained.

May have to be a carrier. I know at least one will do it.

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Ahhh ok yeah didn’t think of that - I’ll double check, but yeah in short I’ve no issue with sending :+1: