Setting up remote id

We are off to the EU in a few weeks and I want to get my Mavic 3 (now registered as a C1 drone) set up for the remote id requirement. I have just tried to get this sorted on the Mavic 3 and Air2s but the option isn’t coming up in the Fly app. All firmware and apps up to date so I’m just wondering if anyone has done it here in the UK…
I guess it will have to wait until actually in an EASA area before the app recognises it’s in RID zone, getting the C1 classification done used to be.

I think @ianinlondon mentioned it in his video

It is geo-based, once you are in the EU then you will get the option to input your details

Ok thanks. That’s what I thought. Cant see why DJI do that. It was a pain getting my Mavic 3 C1 registered. Wouldnt work at my daughters in Barcelona but worked fine in Ireland. Looks like its possible now in the Uk with latest Fly update.