Shaky Video



This looks ok?


sorry disregard that i zoomed in and it looks ok


phew scared me there for a moment as I started thinking how am I going to do that, but it does look similar to the pic you shared


Check, also, that there is a rubber suspension link on each of 4 corners of that plate - as in the one case of this pic (arrowed).

(Which also shows the plate in the wrong position - marked X)


failing that recalibrate the gimbal the crash into the fence might have put it out


It looks very physical to me, not an electronic/calibration issue.


I have calibrated the gimble few times since the crash.


Front had those elasticky things, rear right defo has one, but I cannot be so sure of the rear left as there is a cover and gimble lisghtly over it.


Will calibrate again


With the camera pointing to the MP’s front, all four elastics should be visible OK - you’ve taken a pic of the least easy to see since there’s that ribbon cable above it.


Check all three strands are present, none broken … as indicated with the three marks.



Will do that, just calibrating the gimble again. Also I have never calibrated the IMU would that have any effect?


Nope - nothing to do with IMU … and I doubt the gimbal calibration will make any difference. The vibration in the video looks to be physical interference with the gimbal suspension.


All four suspension bands should be visible … as in these pics.

… but, more tricky - check that each is undamaged and has those three strands - as indicated in a previous pic.


Yes its a bit tricky with someone with bad eyes :slight_smile: but i am trying to see if the strings are on it


If it was me and the gimbal was correctly fitted i would recalibrate IMU reset camera settings and change props and then see if it still does it


if you can’t see make sure aircraft is turned off and gently move the gimbal with fingers and take pics


The gimble hasn’t been touched since bought brand new so it must be fitted correctly, no? I have just calibrated the gimble once again, will calibrate the IMU now and reset all camera settings. The props are new on it too, 2 weeks ago i fitted the new ones.


did the vibration start after fitting the props? or before