Shaky Video


Just checked mate and got my wife to check too because of my eye problems and she confirmed all the suspension bands are on as per the photos.


And all three strands are intact on each?




I cant remember to be honest because i have noticed the shaking on 24th Dec out in brighton where as teh props were changed little before but it may have been shaking before the props change as I didnt do any flying for a while before that


Yes mate. Just put my phones torch on them and checked with my glasses on I can defo confirm the three strands are on them


I would be inclined to change them back or for another set if the old ones are shot i have heard of non dji props causing shaking probs


could it just be the wind factor?


will try the very new pair from DJI i have tomorrow see what happens, still boxed.


What kind of speeds were you flying?


70 metres high, 8 kmh, distance was no more than 380 metres


doubt it i have had my pro up at beachy head and had to have it in sports mode with sensors off just to fly forward and its been ok


Ditto @scorps - save me some typing. :wink:


do you guys fly with the gimble cover on or off?


dont think I’ve typed this much in ages dont do punctuation tho missed that day at school lol


cover off


punctuations dont matter mate, what matters is the help you guys are so kindly giving me


just calibrating the IMU and gonna go out and fly it again see what happens


Shame you’re not close to me (Southampton) … I’d take a good close look at it.


East London I am afraid so kind of you though. It has insurance if it is not resolved I may just send it in


DJI insurance you mean?


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