Shaky Video

Hello. Quite new to droning. I was flying my drone over xmas in Brighton and have noticed that the video was very shaky, didn’t think much of it as i thought it may be the wind as I was flying it over the sea and around the pier, although the weather forecast said the wind was only 4 mph, I thought well maybe the wind over the sea is a bit more than that. But, today I was trying to fly it again and again the video was very shaky, the weather forecast said it was 7 mph, knowing I have flown it at higher winds than that I don’t understand why its doing it now. Any one enlighten me on what this may be?

Its a Mavic Pro Platinum. I was flying the drone at 70m altitude, the wind was 7 mph.

Here is a link to the video I have recorded today, it starts off nice and smooth and all of a sudden it start shaking.

I can’t play that video on my iPad for some reason.

Does this also happen even if you’re not flying?

E.g. Power up the drone on a table indoors and start recording (do not start the rotors) - problem still occur?

If not, the pick up the drone and tilt it gently in various directions, the gimbal will try to level itself - does the problem occur then too?

How can I share that video? Will try your question now.

Your upload may work fine for other people, I’m on a really old iPad though so it might just be me.

You can upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

I just edited my suggestion and added a second test too :+1:t2:

Not working for me.

Ok i am uploading it to youtube and will share through there. I have tried both of the above suggestions. When I pick up the drone and record it dont shake and the gimble stays steady ie., no shaking but when i shake the drone there is a slight shakyness in the video too.

I am uploading it to youtube now. This was a link to the file on my google drive. any chance you guys can try copy pasting the link it may work then. Thanks

have you dropped it or caught the gimbal have a look at the plate that the gimbal attaches to and see if the lug at the rear is out of the retaining tab

Was trying that - the link can’t be copied.

maybe i can share it on an email? may I have your email

Use the link button?

When I first bought it on 2 occassions I have have flown it into a fence but it worked fine after wards. Even if i was to check i wouldnt know what I am looking for :frowning:

Link is not working on this platform


take the gimbal cover off and the second protector turn the drone upside down the plate that its connected on by 4 elastics should be under a little lug its nearest the back of the drone

That worked. Agreed - something wrong @ 25 secs.

I’d follow what @scorps is suggesting for the moment.

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That helped scorps. It all looks fine under there. It looks as it is in that photo under the gimble.

the gimbal plate is def underneath that lug thats arrowed not on top ?