Sheffield members - where's best to fly?

A quick shout out to our knowledgeable Sheffield members; I’m planning a trip up your way in the not too distant future and could use some suggestions as to places to fly my drone.

I hope to be staying out to the south-west of the city in the Ranmoor/Fulwood area so any locations around there would be very useful to know about but general Sheffield locations will also be useful.

Appreciate any help you can give this ‘southerner’ is his attempt to fly ‘oop north’ for the first time. :wink:

‘Eyup @Londroner!

I can recommend Damflask reservoir and various other locations around Bradfield. It’s beautiful out there (make sure you sample a pint of Bradfield Brewery’s finest ale at the Nag’s Head while you’re out that way).

Always wanted to fly at Langsett Res as well, but never got round to it properly.


What ho, @lauradaleytm! Thanks for the recommendations. I definitely add them to the list for when I head Sheffield way next month.