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Assuming that DJI’s little launch party doesn’t reveal anything to get excited about, I have my shopping list ready and after doing all my research, wondered if the experienced ones amongst you would clarify I’ve made a reasonable choice.

When spending over £2k, it’s worth getting a second opinion.

I realise it all depends what I’m using this equipment for, well initially purely as a hobby until I get some experience.

I’d then like to get a commercial licence and do some part time work.

I was initially looking at an Inspire 2, but this is somewhat of an overkill for something that might just end up as a hobby. Nice though innit?

Shopping list:

MPP Fly more Combo
CrystalSky 7.85 Ultra
Lens Filters (unsure of what to get right now)
Mavmount 3 and appropriate cable
Sandisk 65gb sd card
DJI Carefresh

Would be interested in some help regarding a case, ideally that would take the CS and bracket as well.


Couple of things to add to your shopping list Dave!

You’ll need to buy a suitable charger for the CS (as the Mavic charger won’t work with the CS). And if you’re going down the MavMount route you’ll also need to buy their dedicated CS adaptor plate too :+1:

Thanks mate. I’ll add those to the list.

either its Christmas, birthday or you robbed a bank…

I robbed a bank at Christmas…on my birthday.


Can someone tell me what is the big deal with Crystal Sky monitors, I can’t see what justifies the price so can someone let me know.

LOL :rofl:

Two things really.

Although I’m slightly biased as I use one, the two main USPs for me were:

  1. It’s dedicated DJI hardware, running dedicated DJI software, designed purely for DJI drones- you know it’s going to be good
  2. The brightness. Nothing comes close! The High is 1000nits and the Ultra is 2000nits. Combine that with an 8 hour battery life (and the 7.85 comes with 2x batteries) and there is nothing that even comes close :+1:

Again, a slightly biased view perhaps, but it’s what made me flex the credit card :blush:

I’ll send the nit nurse to you. You’ll be fine in no time! :grinning:

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When choosing to put the CS on my shopping list I’d read endless reviews.

Yes the Ultra is bloody expensive, but if I can see everything in direct sunlight without sticking a jacket over my head and controller or using one of those canopy thingies, I’ll pay it.

I suppose I’d go for one for the same reason as why I have a 55" TV in my living room rather than a 32", a far better visual experience.

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So is the CS Bright good enough for normal usage in direct sun or do you really need the Ultra… which, did I read, DJI is discontinuing due to so many problems with it.


Where did you read that @jw33679?

Quite a few people here have the High Brightness in both its 5.5" and 7.85" guise and they love it :+1:

@PingSpike I’m sorry I am no longer sure. I look at so much stuff (forums
, YT etc) and to be honest I just can’t find it again. Please ignore me, I was not trying to rumourmonger.

If I see it again I will be sure to put a link here



Mild panic was beginning to set in already :smiley: