Short notice Sun 12th September 2021 - East Midlands region

Hi all, I have just been given Sunday off is there anyone in the east mids area who would like to go flying. Haven’t thought of a location yet just want to see who’s available. Anyone is welcome.


Might be up for something on Sunday if I can get my quad fixed. New motors should be arriving tomorrow, then a couple of rainy days for repairs.

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i just bought new motors my other started oozing blue silicone like substance got new ones now so get them on tomorrow after work

Talking of motors…as far as I can see, there are three unmarked wires and three unmarked pads on the ESC(?) to connect them to. I assume they need to be connected correctly in order to work and turn the motor in the expected direction, but how do you know what goes where?

My current plan is to just copy the existing connection and trust it will work.

unless u have 4 seperate esc’s then u need to put them on a specific way. if u have a 4 in 1 then it doesnt matter as the wire orientation determins the motor direction. but u can change this in betaflight or which ever software u use. i soldered them in a order so they look nice

If its local as I go away on the Monday I’m game :+1:t3:

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i havent flown matlock yet but had a look around and is awsome. Do u have anywhere that would be a good fpv site

Willington cooling towers, I’m still a newbie as you can see from the below

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as if u have nearly an identical setup to me

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im still very much a newb so this might be a good place for me to start actually

Willington’s actually really convenient for me and looks like the sort of big space I probably need right now. :grin: Could definitely do that for a couple of hours.

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yeah i feel more confortable there right now after totaling my drone the other week :sweat_smile:

Snap my whoop fell from top to bottom on the inside of 1 of the towers + it had an insta360 on it :sob:

The only saving grace was the battery took the brunt of the fall, the 360 was scuffed and the whoop powered up but that was it…

Yet after another strip down and clean up it seems to have gain life, off out in a mo for a test flight so :crossed_fingers:t3:

Yah a couple of hours on Sunday sounds like a plan to me, must say there was a few there last week but the weather was good :thinking:

Insta360 Go or Go 2?

The 2 has protection on the lens that the original doesn’t?

Yeah I have just bought a session 5 hopefully don’t smash jt but can get some nice shots inside the towers. I am at work tonight so will message like Thursday Friday for a time and place to meet

I can probably make Willington on Sunday

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360 go2, yeh its got a screw on cover which took a knock but turned out fine :+1:t3:

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Sounds like a plan :+1:t3:

Would have loved to do Willington but it’s my birthday and I can’t get away, maybe next time please. Have fun.

ayup mate i am trying to get some poeple together to go to matlock bando on 3rd of october if u can go. Happy birthday for sunday hope u have a nice day. :birthday: :partying_face: I will upload some vids and send them to u later on sunday if u would like.