Should I buy a DJI Mini 2?

Totally agree on this, again this is why I love my Mini 2. On photo quality, you can’t really compare images viewed on a website. Images from the M2P are of a much higher resolution and create large prints. I can’t get the same print quality from my Mini 2.

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This is the key point and why so many Mini 2’s have been sold. Go for it and enjoy! :+1:

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Absolutely definitely.
I have had mine for a week now ,and it’s so impressive.
I too have the MP2 ,but the new rules have grounded it for me.
I can pretty much fly the mini 2 anywhere without the stress of it all,and get down to what the hobby is all about ,flying.
Yes it doesn’t have the same photo or video quality as the MP2 but it ain’t that far behind in my initial findings.
It really does handle the wind and gusts unbelievabley well for such a small drone. .
I say go for it ,you won’t regret it .


OK guys I’m convinced, so do we have anyone giving us a discount, I haven’t relly seen a better price than DJI themselves. I looked on Wish and they didn’t have any.

So where to buy?

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A whole thread dedicated to Mini 2 offers: Mavic Mini 2 Offers?

Because DJI are price rigging :pensive:

Most people just buy from Argos. Same day delivery for four quid.

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Agreed, I got mine from Argos as could do same day collect, too impatient to wait for DJI long delivery times :sweat_smile:


Even I have one, the person voted most likely not to have one.

The boxes it ticks:

Good flight times.
Good signal quality with low(ish) latency.
Good camera quality, with RAW options.
Compact and bijou, Mostin.
Stiffer construction than the Mini 1.

The one big box it doesn’t tick is the ability to change the rates and exponential values of the stick response. You have three different modes Normalish, Normal, and Sport, the only option you can change from that APP is the Yaw rate. Fine if you just want to do stationary turns but a pain in the rear end if you are trying to do flowing coordinated turns using Yaw and Roll together.

I have a feeling that DJI recognised that most users don’t do these type of turns as evidenced by the videos from those flying the FPV drone. DJI have mixed Yaw and Roll to one stick, Naughty DJI. So when the same users go into manual mode they become alarmed when they try to turn using just the left stick and suddenly all they can see is the sky.

Caveat: This is just my personal opinion as I primarily fly with a programmable controller, while at the same time having access to all aspects of the onboard flight controller. But overall I think the Mini2 is a great little drone, especially for those covert gueriller type shots.


I have both the Min2 and M2P and would say the difference in photo quality is like the difference between a bridge camera and a full frame DLSR. The M2P images have much more detail and do not appear slightly ‘bitty’ (for want of a better word, I’m tired), as the Mini2 images do.

Having said that, the Mini2 image is certainly suitable for most uses.


I do agree what you are saying, it’s the difference between medium format and 35mm, you can get more detail and better enlargements, but 35mm or it’s digital equivalent was and still is more than suitable for the majority.

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I have invested in the Mavic 2 Pro (to replace my Mavic Pro), but with the change of rules this year, have also invested in the Mini 2. this means you can fly in many more places and over people, unlike the larger drone.

Even with the A2CofC, you will still be restricted to no less than 50m horizontally from uninvolved people, until the new classifications of drone ara available, then this reduces to 30m.

I think the flexibility the Mini gives you is a definite advantage

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So I splashed out and got the Mini2, ordered from Argos and picked it up half an hour at my local Sainsbury’s, haven’t unpacked it yet as I was unpacking my new electric bike after the previous one got stolen. So should have a good play withit tomorrow.

@Brian On digital cameras the 35mm equvalent is called a “Full Frame” camera, most of the other DSLRs use the APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) sensor. To get a full frame camera you have to pay well over £1000 going up to £3000 or more for things like the Canon 5D mkIV.


Nice one Phil, you won’t regret it :+1:t2:

Definitely get one.

Even if you end up with something bigger and posher you will always have a use for the Mini 2.


@Lewis - Yeah I got one this afternoon. Not opened the box yet, been busy with other things

I already have a M2P, which I will keep for more serious stuff and where I know I won’t get bothered, early mornings are good for getting some good videos, great light as well get the sunrise and see the orange glow it gives things.

Whilst the Mini 2 may not be the best for photography with camera raw and better control of Gimbal etc it should be an improvement if used correctly over the Mini 1 . I managed to get these Panoramas with my Mini 1 and now have the Mini 2, I like others reccomend buying it for its size features and ability to fly with less restrictions.

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Had my first flights today with a newly arrived Mini 2. WOW!!!
Just like his big brother M2P.
Very impressed with the video output.
Well pleased with performance and so just quiet. :smile:


I’m harking back to just prior to digital stuff when 35mm was ok for sports photographers with expensive lenses and such like, but really professional model shots were taken with medium format, usually Hassleblad, and all the associated lighting, light is everything, and that’s why the larger sensors will trump smaller ones.


And nothing is better for taking photos than a good eye.


Tried setting up DJI Fly, but I can’t find the app, I have a Samsung S10+ and a ZTE B2017G, no sign of the app on either of them. I got it on my Samsung Tab S without a problem but I don’t have a cable long enough to reach.

Anyone any ideas about why I can’t find the app, is it possible to download the apk file?