Should I get a Zenmuse X4S?

does any one use a zenmuse x4s camera?
i am thinking of upgrading two i2 beacuse of an issue with my inspire 1.
what is the x4s like for picture quality?
any advice on upgrading?

has anyone here upgraded to the inspire two?
advice would be appreciated.


I’ve got a Zenmuse X3 and a Zenmuse Z3, still on the lookout for a cheap X5 but I’m not sure cheap+X5 can go together in the same sentence :blush:

We have a few Inspire 2 owners on here, I’m guessing they’re X5 rather than X4 though? :thinking:

Tagging @Njoro and @mickydd in to this thread.

Neither of whom have updated their profiles to say they have the I2 though (hint, hint) :wink:

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When I owned an Inspire 2 my profile included it.
When I sold the Inspire 2 I deleted it.
What you need to do, is keep up to date

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I thought you had an Inspire 1 and sold it for a 2?

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I’m on X5S, don’t know nothing about the other cameras, but I’ll be looking forward to your experimenting with one of the others…:grin:

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