Show a picture of your upgraded 3d printer

I had a bog standard Ender 3 Pro, which I have upgraded , moved power supply , added dual axiz ,plus other visual aids and lights . Raspberry Pi & camera, Cr Touch, 4.2.7 MB … Etc. Thanks to Deanos information that helped me :smiley:


Keep @Sparkyws away from this thread :blush:

Should change the title to Pimp your Printer :joy:

Work on progress, as we speak :joy:


@Sparkyws Looking good already :+1:

The big external change is the direct drive and full metal hot end, all trianglelab clones of the E3D & BMG stuff.

Electronics wise it’s on a BTT SKR Mini V2, current branch of marlin so I have the pleasure of being able to use UBL and stealthchop. Inside the electronics housing i’ve also snuck a raspberry pi for octoprint which is hardwired to the printer, runs off a separate buck converter so all off the one power supply.

As well as running octoprint the Pi controls a couple of relays that can hardware cut the power to the printer if it throws an error, normally you’d be fine without this, but it’s a bit of extra peace of mind for me.

I really want to do the dual Z axis, but the SKR mini only has one stepper controller for both z motors, even though it has two plugs, meaning you can’t do auto levelling with it. I’d have to move to one of the bigger SKR boards, but they have now released ones that can take an in-situ mounted raspery pi compute module, and it’s very tempting, could even have a play with klipper…

A touch screen would be nice, but I do everything through octoprint anyway these days.

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Wow lots of upgrades , well pimped :+1:

@Bobbysmile do you have any issues with your full metal hot end … I am thinking of maybe going that route …


Nope, it’s been brilliant for me. I bought it as a kit in 2020, been through hundreds of prints since then, including lots of high temp stuff (mainly PETG and ASA), never had a problem with clogging or anything. Recently moved into flexibles for the drones, and the BMG clone handled that like a champ too.

Only issue I did have was that the blower duct that came with the kit sagged over time, I re-printed it in ASA and it’s been fine since. A slight personal gripe is that Trianglelab don’t release the files for the mount, so you couldn’t print a direct replacement, but there are loads of community made mounts for the V6 out there anyway, so it’s not the end of the world.

I did finally today put a new nozzle on as I was noticing a bit of inconsistent extrusion, but I don’t think it was the root cause, and I was looking for an excuse to swap it out anyway.

Thats great info !! I may look into a direct drive and a full metal hot end …

I am not to sure about micro swiss hot end bit expensive , must be other good copies out their made in Titanium … :grin:

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The E3D hotends are great and cheaper than the microswiss. From my experience, the Trianglelabs clones of either of them (which I use) are pretty damn good as well given the price (and they do have titanium heatbreak options for some of them).

Thanks @Bobbysmile I have some serious reading to do … LOL

My ender3 pro:

Main upgrades are:

A BLTouch running a custom build of marlin firmware that I compiled myself.

A raspberry pi running octoprint with a pi cam also connected to the mobile app Obico that’s is an AI based monitoring algorithm to detect failed prints.

A little USB LED Light cheap from amazon (powered by the pi’s usb port.

various 3D printed parts. Handle, tool holder, wire clips and covers and a few others.

3D printed filament roller.

hardened steel nozzle.

solid bed mounts.

think thats about it re upgrades for the Ender3 Pro.


Base form:


Again raspberry pi and BLTouch.

brought a USB document reader from amazon for print monitoring the same as above.

removed the base and designed and printed a mount to mount it to the printer:



and that is pretty much it for my printers and upgrades. :grin:


Love the NES ;o)

well spotted lol

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Very nice ! Lucky you have 2 , Awsome :+1:

Spool roller bearing mod :white_check_mark:

And camera mount stabiliser


The only upgrade I had to do as this printer prints straight out of the box, changed the bed levelling springs to silicone rubber, more so for reducing thermo conduction. :grin:


Nearly forgot this mod for Z hop…

Multimeter + a 0.13mm feeler gauge, perfect base followed by G-code offset depending on filament being used at the time….


Dual drive extruder :white_check_mark:

Raspberry Pi switch, light and PWM fan :white_check_mark:

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Minimal upgrades on my Ender-3

A light - bought off amazon.
Minimal filament guides.
Bigger jog wheel.
Minimal tool holder.