Shropshire - autumn colours


Here’s my first video shot on a P4.

ALL comments and critique welcomed.


Very nice! Which village is that? I notice you didn’t shoot any downwards shots? Any reason for that?


Tom, thanks!
Ightfield, near Whitchurch, flew out of our garden. As I say, first video on a new to me P4 so still getting the hang of it.


Nice first video.
Tilt your camera down slightly rather than having your horizon in middle, as your props are showing, look at rule of thirds.
Look at maybe using ND filters to get your shutter speed to twice your frames per second in manual, this will help hide your props again and give a more cinematic feeling, you don’t always have to go manual, we all probably still shoot in auto.
And I also notice your horizon is slightly tilted, a P4 problem with certain firmware, you should be able to rotate the gimbal to correct this depending on your firmware.


Hi there,
Thanks for the tips, really appreciated.
Yes, I can see the sense in dropping the gimbal down, I’d never take a photo like that so why I was happy with this I’ll never know :thinking:
Filters should be here tomorrow with any luck.
I’ll take a look at that camera angle later.
Thanks again👍


Because it was your first :+1:t2:

We’ve all done it mate :smiley:


Tell you what though, it’s really addictive :grin:


Perhaps cut the first ten seconds on your next video? We don’t need to see you taking off from your garden :blush:

And the last few seconds are all black?

Sound advice here though:



Mainly because (a) it’s a nice garden that’s (b) out in the green and pleaseant countryside. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is so much to remember and probably first time nerves as well.
I’m not perfect and still forget things two years on.


The idea with the garden take if was to get the shot of the church as I climbed, point taken though. Yes, I had the idea of a fade out whilst the soundtrack ended, should have extended the fade out time to match.
Getting feedback like this is great - thanks!


Yes, but also wanted to get the church in the shot as I climb out. Good point re garden though - greenhouse looks really naff in hindsight :roll_eyes:


Which software were you using to edit? And which transition were you using?
Some transitions look a bit … juddery, and distracting.


Movavi, only installed it today so this a first, first. Yes, I reckon that I rushed this a bit, must take more time and pay more attention to the transitions, they really do stick out - particularly one of the church.
Thanks for the feedback :+1:


Hmmm, interesting point re transitions and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it when I watched it first time round but after watching it again, I think I see what the issue is.

Some of the transitions come towards the viewer, yet the end part of the transition actually saw the drone either sat still in the air, then starting to move forwards - or, the drone was actually further back than when the transition started… if that makes sense? :thinking:

It confused my brain :+1:

(granted, not hard to do these days…)


Yes, reviewing it there’s a right mish-mash of transitions, going to have to do a lot better next time :grinning:


I agree with all the remarks from other Members above, all the remarks, I’m sure are aimed at getting you to correct silly mistakes.
We have all done them, sometimes several times, practice makes perfect.
Advice/Feedback is always great to get, take nothing to heart, just learn I always say.
But, never the less a great first effort !.
I guess, looking at the video that you were either travelling forward at speed, or heading into wind, which is why your props are showing a lot.
Simple mistake we have all done, if you slow down the drone.
Then in post, speed up the video playback, same result, but, more cinematic.


@rangioran Very nice for a first video,bravo, I have still got to do a lot of learning ,to get any decent video uploaded! BTW,what was the music you used in your video ? :+1::+1:


Thanks for the excellent advice re slowing down the flight and then increasing playback speed - would’ve taken nme a long tiime to appreciate that without the nod!
Yes, it was pretty windy that day, and a previous wellwisjer advised me to head out into the wind so that I’d have an easier time coming back with a depleted battery - more advice I’ve taken on board vfrom this forum:grin:


Hi firefox8 - thanks for the kudos, much appreciated.
Again, something that I really MUST make sure I include in all future videos - credit for the composer/musician. This was a piece named ‘Motions’ and it was by an artist calling themself ‘Orchestralis’ - I downloaded it from