Shropshire - autumn colours


Actually I disagree. It’s a “reveal” which starts with a mystery - “Where are we?” - and progresses to show the church and countryside we are flying in. Have a look at my Selsey one, starts with looking down on a house and garden - “OK, we’re in a domestic suburb” then tracks back to the sea - “Oh! We’re at the seaside are we?”

I always try to start with a reveal - and maybe end with a reverse (not necessarily the exact opposite but something that brings the video to a conclusion).

Nice to end on the music end, too by the way. Well done.


Thanks Steve - I take heart from those comments!
Seriously, the level of critique from fellow members of this forum have been absolutely great. I’m waiting for my new to me P4Pro+ to arrive later this week and am extremely keen to begin my apprenticeship with the 1" camera :+1: