Shutter noise and other issues


Another question as this still hasn’t been solved…but might be soon.

I used my android phone today as a controller after the flypad ran out of battery following some heavy flying. Now the iPad has the issues…it was a cheap refurb iPad mini2, and since using it lots fo year it has developed a small column of dead pixels which grows and shrinks as it pleases - and it came from nowhere. I also have an intermittent shutter noise and the pano issue. When i flew with the android back up phone which has never had any issues the shutter noise was fine and worked every time. I didn’t have a chance to test the pano mode, but in the absence of said test is it likely that the issue is with the iPad mini 2 having a few glitch issues which are spreading into things like pano mode?

I will test this as soon as I can but I thought I would ask the masses to see what they thought.

Some help with Pano mode
Camera crashing....grrr!

Did you resolve - or find the cause of - this one, @JayForceOne ?


Nope. it’s still intermittent on the iPad mini2. Pano still doesn’t work either.