Shutter noise and other issues


Another question as this still hasn’t been solved…but might be soon.

I used my android phone today as a controller after the flypad ran out of battery following some heavy flying. Now the iPad has the issues…it was a cheap refurb iPad mini2, and since using it lots fo year it has developed a small column of dead pixels which grows and shrinks as it pleases - and it came from nowhere. I also have an intermittent shutter noise and the pano issue. When i flew with the android back up phone which has never had any issues the shutter noise was fine and worked every time. I didn’t have a chance to test the pano mode, but in the absence of said test is it likely that the issue is with the iPad mini 2 having a few glitch issues which are spreading into things like pano mode?

I will test this as soon as I can but I thought I would ask the masses to see what they thought.

Some help with Pano mode
Camera crashing....grrr!

Did you resolve - or find the cause of - this one, @JayForceOne ?


Nope. it’s still intermittent on the iPad mini2. Pano still doesn’t work either.


Did you resolve - or find the cause of - this one, @JayForceOne ?

A follow up result…

I received a brand new flypad (9.7inch model) courtesy of a joint financing initiative comprising my family members. I took it put for a new years day spin to bag me some flights in a real in the weather as well as looking me some first 2019 flights. I’m happy to say that the shutter noise issue has been resolved as the shutter noises are now back and all in good order. The Pano mode has been fixed as well and all is good in the world.


Good news! :+1: