Sim Tricks

Given that the weather is likely to be pants for the next 4-6 months, how about virtualizing the FPV Tricks Challenge?

Besides, I can do things in sims that I’m unlikely to get anywhere near IRL for quite some time. :smiley:
To wit:


We will sober up our FPV section and persuade them to answer you :slight_smile:

Great idea mate.
Maybe see if we can get some sim races sorted with a bunch of us?

Not sure what sims support that but could be fun

Velocidrone supports races. You create a group and you join it.

I’m up for that. Weirdly I’m shit at races on the sim so should be fun :joy:

I get a little bored with sims after 10 mins. But I found if you put the camera angle up to 45 or 50 degrees, the throttle controls the horizontal speed rather than height. Turns are easier too. You rely less on yaw and just roll to turn, maybe with a little pitch back. It’s faster, but somehow more controllable.

I’m the same but I’m pretty competitive so playing against others may make it more enjoyable.

I do like the freestyle mode on lift off. I can manage at least 30 mins on that usually

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Chatting with @DeanoG60 at the weekend, the subject of a club race meet in cyberspace came up briefly. If there’s any appetite for it perhaps we start by choosing a sim (Velocidrone’s looking good) and maybe set up a Discord server.

Anyone in @group-fpv interested?


I can try, but my pc is slow.


Yes would be up for that. If u need I have used discord for years I can get one all setup with channels and chat rooms for it ?


Thought you might be. It may be a bit dull for you though, leaving all us cabbages in the dust. :rofl:

That would be good. I’ve been on it for a long while too and did set up a server for my Destiny 2 Clan, but it never really got off the ground. Let’s see how things go.


I’m sure we can handicap Ben :laughing:

It’s all good fun

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Destruction Derby style :smirk:


My Internet connection isn’t great but I’d be up for trying this out :smiley: How many pilots can fly at once in Velocidrone?

Not sure. I’ll have to do some research.



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i’m in

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I’ll give it a go. I think I just uninstalled Velocidrone, annoyingly, to make space for MS Flight Sim. I didn’t think I had, but I was on a bit of an uninstall frenzy and now it seems to have gone :roll_eyes:

Currently simming in LiftOff, LiftOff Microdrones and AI Drone Sim. I’ll reinstall Velocidrone :+1:

You should only need about 8mbps to play online. An Xbox only needs 14mbps,(even sky can manage that when they aren’t robbing you!) Clear the cache monthly and make sure the game is a clean install.
I’m on DRL and uncashed. Don’t really play them enough to justify buying another one😝

OK. Just to get the ball rolling I’ve created a Discord server. Feel free to join.

For those of you unfamiliar with Discord, it is a voice and text communication tool that was initially biased heavily toward the gaming community. You’ll need an account and you can download it from

NB: This is not an officially sanctioned GADC venture, I just thought it would make sense to label it as such. I’m happy to rename it if that’s a problem.

@benb1202, given your undoubted superior experience with Discord I’ll happily make you an admin - unless you’ve made one already of course. :slight_smile: