Sim Tricks

Given that the weather is likely to be pants for the next 4-6 months, how about virtualizing the FPV Tricks Challenge?

Besides, I can do things in sims that I’m unlikely to get anywhere near IRL for quite some time. :smiley:
To wit:

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We will sober up our FPV section and persuade them to answer you :slight_smile:

Great idea mate.
Maybe see if we can get some sim races sorted with a bunch of us?

Not sure what sims support that but could be fun

Velocidrone supports races. You create a group and you join it.

I’m up for that. Weirdly I’m shit at races on the sim so should be fun :joy:

I get a little bored with sims after 10 mins. But I found if you put the camera angle up to 45 or 50 degrees, the throttle controls the horizontal speed rather than height. Turns are easier too. You rely less on yaw and just roll to turn, maybe with a little pitch back. It’s faster, but somehow more controllable.

I’m the same but I’m pretty competitive so playing against others may make it more enjoyable.

I do like the freestyle mode on lift off. I can manage at least 30 mins on that usually

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