FPV Trick Competition


The FPV Trick Competition is here!!!

This is an easy going, bi-weekly, vote for the winner, vote for the next trick, competition.

The whole point of this is to improve the skills of the Grey Arrows growing community of FPV pilots, through practice, fun, practice, crashes, practice and erm practice.

open 1

If you are a new pilot, this is perfect for you! We all want to fly like the pro’s on YouTube. They all started from somewhere and practiced. This is your time to shine!

open 3

For the more advanced pilots, lets see the chosen trick completed with a bit of flair, style and grace. Anything goes, and is only limited to your imagination.


  1. Osd to be recorded with your name or pilot name. If you can’t record the Osd, don’t worry about it.
  2. Try and follow the drone code, if possible / applicable.

The winner is the one with the most votes (can be overruled by the committee if it is suspected that untoward behaviour has occurred).

The winner chooses the next 3 tricks to vote on if they wish. Voting will last 1 week.

This competition is fully endorsed by Mr Steeled and Joshua Bardwheel.

Have fun guys and may the best man win!

open 2

No prizes.

The first trick will be announced shortly…


:rofl: time to Split-S my next door neighbours house :grin:

The first trick will be a Split - S. A basic trick that every FPV pilot should learn.

This is a very easy manoeuvre that can be used to change the direction of flight.

If you are a new pilot, get some height then practice.

If you are an advanced pilot, its a trick that is great for flying over a structure upside down, then flying under and through said structure, back the way you came.

The competition will start now and end Saturday night 22nd Oct.

All you have to do is fly in a straight line. Then roll 180 degrees. Then pitch back 180 degrees as demonstrated below via a diagram and a You Tube video.
Any questions please ask.


I guess I better get my quads sharkbyte mod finished off this weekend then :grin:

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Damn… Had got a few of them going last week… Until she flew away :sob::sob::sob:

The word on the street is that the micro cam will be available Monday. It really is a step up in quality. And Foxeer are selling a micro cam called the apollo this month. 2 weeks I think :grin:

Maybe I’ll just get a sharkbyte unit meself for me new goggles. Skip a split.

I’ve still not tried the Runcam Nano HD properly yet, only had a quick test in the kitchen so far lol

Which one are you getting?

I got them yesterday. Skyzone Cobra X box goggles. Hdmi in 720. I like box goggles. And a lot cheaper than the OLED dual things non box

The colours and the wb on the micro just blew me away

They’re meant to be real good i’ve heard

A little.uncomfy on the nose but can mod that easily (pad that came with it too thick) but otherwise massive improvement to Me fake ev800d s

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I’d pop out now for a cheeky attempt, but apparently you’re not allowed to fly pissed. Sigh.


Just thought I’d drop this here to remind me to come back with the real thing, if I ever manage to do the real thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Been doing the same all morning myself. Just about to go try for real and the rain starts :unamused:

I’m finding I prefer liftoff these days

Thought I’d practice on a real one :wink: while I’m not flying at a good spot.


A perfect Split S and real smooth to boot! :clap:


Well… Had a few batteries left after racing (more on that another time), so went over the field with my new spotter and thought would try… With a 1S Tinyhawk. It’s not bad, but not great, and think my first drone video or photo to this forum!!