Skara Brae Neolithic Village

On the first day on Orkney we headed to Skara Brae. This was an end-of-day flight from the beach at Bay of Skaill. It was quite windy and this was my only chance to fly here during this visit; the next day the wind was gusting at 45 mph :wind_face:

TOAL was from the beach and flying was after both Skara Brae and nearby Skaill House had closed and there were no visitors. Parking available at Skaill Beach. The video is a mixture of still and video clips from the Mini 2.


Well done Howard :clap: One of my all time favourites that I would love to visit.


Going there in a few weeks, definitely want to try and capture some footage :slight_smile:

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Look fwd to seeing it. :+1:

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With luck you’ll have better weather and flying conditions. :+1: Beware of the midges! (Though a midge report will be welcome.) I have a few more locations to post from here yet.

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I shall look forwards to seeing your footage… Been there twice before, in May - no midges biting - but pre-drone, MiL wants to go back, so we are braving the late June weather and midges, hopefully long light evenings and light nights will make for some good opportunities to capture some footage…

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