Skimming tidal pools

Skimming tidal pools on Rossall Beach - the really wet bits start about 2:30 :wink:


Did someone say Tidal Pools?? :laughing:

Great footage, lovely light and SO much fun.

Looking forward to skimming over the water again soon.

Of course it does take a lot of risk away if you use a waterproof drone for it :wink:


Do you have to give it a good wash with fresh water after that? Waterproof or not saltwater has a way of wrecking almost anything to do with electricity that it comes into contact with.

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It was dry by the time I landed :slight_smile:

Honestly I’d still give it a good wash, salt can really do a number on any rubber seals etc. Bit like with an outboard motor, they’re made to work in the sea but you’re still best to flush all the salt out if you can.

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