Skinned Up

Here’s my bird all skinned up

Good job @gibo :+1:

Did it take long to do?

Took my time had a break total about an hour I guess, some part a bit fiddley, I enjoyed it lol…can’t wait to fly it again, buying a tablet tomorrow, send for the holder already that will be here Friday…

I got my tablet holder today! :smiley:
Unfortunately the tablet I bought is crap :frowning:

So I’m hunting a new tablet…

Which tablet did you go for @gibo?

Didn’t get it after all I was told to wait till my holder was here bcoz with a 7” tablet it only fit with holder horizontally and it of centre to controller and vertically the holder s to big. So I hope the holder I got which is slightly different to his nay do. The tablet I am going for is the Lenovo 7”, that what he has , but he then changed it for the 8” bcoz of that issue…

Oh didn’t ask you which one did you have , don’t tell me it’s the same one hahahJa

I bought a cheapo 10" one on ebay. But it’s going back.
It is a ‘fake’ Chinese tablet which I actually didn’t mind but the video lags and breaks up.

So now I’m looking for a ‘better’ 10" tablet to go with my shiny new tablet mount lol

I think my neighbor is right about the mount and the 7 “ Lenovo tablet, it only fits with holder horizontal which makes the tablet of centred to the control, bcoz the holder is too wide to hold the narrow part of tablet if you know what I mean

This appeared in a @HobbyMounts email earlier.
Pricey - @ £45 - but seems well designed.

Product not found!

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