Sky Cinema

Looking to see what shite is on Sky tonight and look what I found


Also. Disney are doing a 7 day free trail. Marvel movies!

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I’d have to been terminally bored to even consider watching that movie. :laughing:

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While we are on a Sky theme

Have you all cancelled your sports subs?, go to the app and suspend sports (it will still let you watch all the channels, but free until the live stuff comes back), saving me about £12 a month, but I’m on a heavily discounted sub to start with


My discount ended this month.

Cant get through to them on live chat or phone to get another. :frowning_face:

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I’ve just ordered another mini q box (bargain at £50) they’ve said it could be 4/5 weeks due to skeleton staff.


Is there a monthly fee on the extra box?

Might get one for daughters room once I sort out another discount if that’s all it is.

If you go on to my sky app you can suspend your sports subscription.

Already done that mate.

I’ve been on 50% discount for last 18 months which just ended and bill this month is nearly £100.

Looking to haggle another discount.

They seemed to have added £2 (1 for HD 1 for. Multi screen) although we already have multi screen so I’m gonna question that, the i initial order form said no extra monthly charge.

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Out of interest, are you both on Sky Broadband too @callum @milkmanchris ?

I am leaving sky when contract is up getting Internet box saving about £800 a year and get more channels no pay to view

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Not me, I was looking but they just couldn’t match Vodafone when I swapped back in January.

I am on sky broadband on a rolling contract so can move anytime.

I’m with BT for broadband @PingSpike

ditto here :slightly_smiling_face: