Sky writing

thought i would do something different today so I flew a route to write on the map
it was freehand, bloody cold on my fingers and I rushed it a bit , I will have another go in a more open area also I might ask nicely @OzoneVibe to help me program a litchi flight
anyone else fancy a go ?


There must be a badge for that level of dedication to the club, surely? :wink::+1:


Yep! That’s different ok. :smile:
Love the idea, could have all sorts of messages :thinking: but they will then end up banning writing with flight routs. :rofl: :rofl:


yeh i was going to do bollocks nt over national trust land lol


Now there’s an idea ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


first one i attempted


Not bad! Was that flying by hand or using a mission?

It’s something I’ve done a few times and, indeed, one of the reason I bought the LumeCubes was to try taking long exposure(s) with the DSLR whilst I flew a “shape” at night.

I have managed to replicate the Cerne Abbas Giant in a nearby field, using Litchi, but that took the max 99 waypoints to achieve.
Still hope to do that at night with the lights on the MP, at some point.

One of the great thing about Litchi is the ability to save, relocate, re-scale and rotate a mission to be able to fly it in the desired location and orientation.

Edit: The real one …


Freehand Dave I was going to message you about doing a mission with lights never used litchi

I saw one done of a snowflake with Lumecubes the other day and it was perfect, I think it was on Facebook in one of the groups.

LumeCube’s Instagram account has some excellent examples of their lights on drones (amongst other uses) being used in all kinds of ways.

An “illuminating” browse.


I’ve just been trying to find the photo but I can’t, shame as it was a really good one.

Is the Lumecube much brighter than, for instance, Strobon Crees?

Strobon are “strobes”. LumeCubes are continuous lights (although you can make them flash), and are dimmable.
The instantaneous brightness of Strobon is far higher than LumeCubes. If Strobon.ran continuously at their instantaneous brightness, two things would happen.

  • they’d melt, and
  • the tiny battery would last about 1 minute - if they didn’t melt first.

LumeCubes are damned bright, none the less. Larger, heavier, waterproof to a fair depth (and even in the dishwasher!) . They are in an aluminium case, part of the reason they’re heavier, the larger battery and a directional reflector being the other reasons.

10% Brightness


100% Brightness


DSLR photo - Monument lit by LumeCubes on MP - jet black night.

That is the first time i have seen such a thing … GIVE THE MAN A BADGE .

You can do this kind of thing with LumeCubes …

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Had a quick look at the LumeCube instagram you linked and my first thought was, why not just photoshop those light lines in? It kind of looks like they’ve been photo shopped in :man_shrugging:

The one above too?

This one - where they include the video of making it?

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Every time I look at air data logs, I can’t help thinking I should try and draw or write something with the drone.

Has anyone ever tried it?!! Can’t imagine it being easy but I can’t be the only one to attempt it?!!