Skydio - New Mavic competitor?

Came across this posted on Hacker News, looks interesting:

Their marketing is certainly top notch! Doesn’t look like it’ll be available outside the US initially however :frowning:

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I mean - it looooks good in the video.

But - I have to wonder - all those snow shots must have been shot last winter (yes, there is Chile/Argentina, these days, and NZ of course) … and if was that good that long ago, why haven’t they released it sooner? (Unless that footage wasn’t shot with the skydio, of course. :wink: )

But - it does look a load of fun to play with … and might not have NFZs built in, either! :thinking:

I like the vid proving the AI system - RC plane autonomously flying the pillars of a car park.

Edit: OK - they posted snowy shots on their YT a year ago, taken with version 1 … cool! :+1:

Through closely spaced trees and things! :open_mouth:
Love the end clip - as it flies ahead of him.

Make that “Double Want”

Works with Drone Deploy


Cool beans, but it’s ugly as f$%^&*

Who cares if it’s total brilliant. :wink:

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It does sound like it’s been designed more to fly autonomously than something like a Mavic where you tend to fly it “hands-on”. One of the people who worked on it is answering questions on Hacker News here:

The video on their site of it and the MP2 following the quad bike is amusing :rofl:


AI will be the next big step. I’d seriously love to play about with one.

cough Skynet cough :wink:


JESUS!, that’s so cool !, got to agree with Dave would seriously want one of them !.
Er?, maybe a trip to the USA next year?, ( just to pick one up ,that is !.)
It’s so fast to react to turns, I just love it !.
That bloke on the tightrope in one of the videos,was on the “Oasis of the Seas” doing a tightrope over the Back deck, AT NIGHT !.
Spoke to him in the Crew bar afterwards.

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Very impressive spec! Its obstacle avoidance must be well dialed down compared to the DJI M2.

I’ll be watching this one closely…

Be quite novel not having to babysit your drone whilst its following you.

it is pretty cool to be pulling that off and does make the M2P seem a bit lame on that score! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks very impressive and it will be interesting to see some reviews. Less interested for myself as I am not likely to be doing any of the action shots but for those doing the tricky stuff could be real competition for DJI

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With those claims of incredible autonomous flying and what looks like amazing collision avoidance… It’s going to need a decent warranty! People will try to break it!

Does look like DJI has some stretch-goals for MP3 :rofl:

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Could be interesting from a waypoints angle. Just set it at whatever height and wherever, because who gives a sh*t because it’ll be fine. :wink::grin:

Fully AI drone racing?

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What is really impressive is Skydio have a video on their website demonstrating a largish fixed wing flying autonomously in a highly populated covered car park.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.



Oh yeah … :wink:

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I wish they’d remove this from their site …



Loved that video

Yes ! but the question is,will we be able to buy it here,or will i have to go the same route i took to get an evo? I,M IN ,if i can get my hands on one!!:wink::+1::+1:

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What route did you go to get your EVO?

Took forever and many failed attempts,until i found SLRHUT… brilliant and great price. As they do the evo,and ship to the U.K i guess they will do the R2,i hope.Also will want wait to see what range is,and some reviews…:+1::+1:

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