Slanted Horizon Mini 2


I posted about this issue in another thread and was asked to make my own whoops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyway when I take my mini 2 out it has a slanted horizon. When looking at the drone head on the gimbal is at an angle.

I have recalibrated and recentered the gimbal several times but no change.

Help. Haha


FVP mode enabled? the drone is sitting slanted in the breeze with the gimbal locked in FPV?

I don’t think so will have a look.

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Are you flying in Sport mode? The Mini 2 gimbal doesn’t always have enough movement to straighten a sport mode flight

Is it a windy weather during your flight? Mini 2 will sometimes tilt further than the gimbal to try maintain position.

Have you FPV mode on? It will tilt the horizon on turns.

Interested because my Mini 2 fails its own gimbal calibration, and I think it’s going back to DJI to be fixed.

Have you tried a gimbal calibration whilst airborne?

‘‘think’’ you can manually adjust the horizon levels.

It looks like the gimbal has cocked its head too far to one side.

I have been manually adjusting horizon levels with manual gimbal calibration mid-flight.

It’s not ideal and videos go squiffy mid-roll.


I used to follow the Disney 5 on YouTube, that’s been changed to his own channel which I unfollowed and can’t remember his name. Anyway, he posted quite a few dodgy horizon videos and says DJI replaced his Mini 2 as it’s a fault.

Google DM Productions , mans a knob. King of the Click Bait (check out the wife thumbnail)

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You’ve summed up why I unfollowed.


mmmm, Spain :face_with_peeking_eye:

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So stopped moving around for a bit. Have booted up the mini2 and checked that its not in FPV mode.

Also while todays conditions have been windy the first image i posted a few days ago it wasnt.

Did the manual calibration of the gimbal while on solid ground and by the time it was in the air it was slanted again.

Did manual calibration while in flight and it kept moving as in it wouldnt flatten out it kept correcting the slant i suspect this was based on it being windy though.

I have flown in windy conditions before and while there was some movement in the gimbal it always leveled itself out.

I am at a bit of a loss.

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How old is it?

Raise a ticket with DJI

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This or firmware flash with DJI Assistant

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It was the replacement from my crash its not had much use since that point.

Think i may have to.

Thank you all for your help.

I don’t have dji assistant and is it complicated?

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Download from here.

I’ve not tried it it with DJI assistant but there is also the option to flash it using Drone Hacks Drone hacks I know is simple.

Choose your firmware version here if using Drone Hacks

Maybe helpful:

Ohhhhh, it’s a refurb you mean?

That might explain it :confused: :pensive:


Will it have been a refurbished unit? Also has only just started to happen so could it just come on?