Smart Controller SD Card Unreadable on iMac


I have a DJI Smart Con=troller which I am using with my Mavic 2 Pro. I just removed the SD card from the controller to transfer the pictures/videos from the card to my iMac but the computer says the card is unreadable. Is the controller being an Android device the cause of the problem. Its not major as I can use the card in the drone.


Have you tried to plug the SC into the iMac via USB and see if OSX sees it as a drive?

I haven’t but its a good idea, I’ll try it later


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What are you expecting to see on the card from the SC @Megalot ?

The card on the CrystalSky is largely empty, unless I manually copy things there? :thinking:

Right. I thought that I’d see the pictures and video. There’s an option in the controller settings to set the sd card as the primary storage.

Assuming it works in the same way the DJI CrystalSky works, that will only change the primary storage location for the device itself. From internal memory, to your “external” SD card.

It won’t have the slightest effect on whatever you capture using your drone, all those photos and videos will still remain on the SD card in the drone :slight_smile:

You might be able to cache local video to the SD card on the SC. But it’ll be very poor quality (the same as it would if cached to your phone).

That explains it, thanks very much. I’ll just download from the drone

Thanks again

My smart controller card works just fine when I transfer the card to my iMac. I only use it to transfer the flight data logs though. All the “proper” photos and videos are on the card in the drone.

Your Mac is OS xxxx your DJI is android…you need to format the micro card as as ms-dos (fat) by going in to your disk utility function and clicking on the SD card then erase which will bring up a drop down menu showing the card in the top line and click on the second line arrows and pick ms dos (fat)

That’s great thanks, I’ll give it a go

That shouldn’t matter, for just looking at DCIM folders

There are some issues reported with Big Sur and internal card readers, perhaps try an external one, or as before try mount it as a drive

It happens to me if I don’t format the SD card as ms dos and put it in to my controller it will NOT read out on my Mac…but if I format it as ms dos then it shows as a drive which I can click on and get in to DCIM folder …

Thanks everyone, quite a few things to try, good job I’ve got a day off tomorrow

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I’ve just edited all his details out, thanks Steve :+1:t2:

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Thanks, that’s the problem with doing it via the phone

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Thanks for the info.

I haver now formatted the card as MS DOS FAT and it seems to be ok. I’ll take some video later when the wind drops and see what happens

Thanks again

What are you expecting to happen? :thinking:

I’m getting de ja vu here :blush:

I really don’t know. When I put the card back in the controller is showed a whole load of folders, presumably system folders. I, possibly mistakenly, though that the card was used for storing video and photos, I can’t see any other reason for having it.