Smart controller with a field monitor

Finding the screen on a smart controller too small for my eyes the decision to add a 10" field monitor was made.
Having researched what’s on the market I ended up with a ‘Beetronics’ one as this was from a UK company (that actually turned out to be sent from Holland!). The screen brightness spec is not as good as some others but still works well enough in bright sunlight and is actually too bright on it’s lowest setting for night time thermal flying with my M2EA, I’m looking into fitting some sort of a screen/cover to dull it down a tad more.
The ideal setting is to have the field monitor showing camera view with the all important information like distance, height, battery level etc and nothing else. This enable me to see clearly what I need to and not have all manner of clutter blocking my view as it does on the smart controller.
The bottom tripod screw thread was a bit too weak for my liking so I made an alloy bracket to hold the monitor firmly from each side. This also doubles as fixing points for a neck strap.
The battery was also a bit on the loose side and would easily have popped out so a quick fix with an elastic band was done to keep it in place until I get around to a more user friendly solution.
All in all this addition has made a huge improvement to the way I can use my drones.


I do like a mod :smiley:

Got any links to the monitor?

What’s the nits value?

And how’s the battery life?

Does it also have HDMI Out / Pass-thru?


The brightness is shown as 300cd/m2 (so it’s 300 nits as cd/m2 and nits are the same value it seems) but this monitor is definitely brighter than my I-pad 8 gen.
Not used it long enough to know how the battery holds up but have found it takes an age to charge.
It does have a HDMI out that works fine when plugged it into my TV.
The only issue I have with this is that the Lifthor mount on the controller muffles the speaker and it’s all to easy to miss the important warnings.


Is 300nits right? For a field monitor?

For comparison, the 8gen iPad is 500nits and the DJI Smart Controller is 1000nits.

300nits outdoors would be barely usable :thinking:

I also have my doubts about the written specs being right as although not as bright as the SC it’s not too far behind it.

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