Snagged a Parrot Anafi Extended in a recent auction

As per my title really … just taken delivery of a 2nd hand (obvs) Parrot Anafi Extended (aka fly more) I picked up for £155 in a public auction.

First test flight, just a take off and land really, was remarkably easy and connecting up, etc, etc went all really smoothly. Unlike my first horor of trying to connect to a DJI Phantom 3SE.

Anyway, who else owns one of these and can throw me any gotchas, caveats, hints, etc…?

One question I immediately have is that the rate of turn when hovering seems incredibly slow. Where do I go and edit that or what setting do I need to change please?


@callum wasn’t this one of your fave’s ?


@Nidge has a couple, if I remember correctly. (It’s a fairly safe bet, TBH. :laughing:)

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82 members have listed and Anafi as one of their drones in their profiles.

Indeed, @Nidge is one of those.


Yes, I have a couple of Anafi’s.

As standard the Yaw rate is painfully slow, this can be adjusted in the controller settings of the APP.

If you want to enable FCC mode, and you use Android, you can download a revised APP from the Parrot Pilots forum, in the Anafi section where it’s a sticky post. There are a few versions, the latest also has a feature whereby it shows the actual voltage of the flight battery as well as a graphical percentage. The APP is perfectly safe and will still access your Parrot account for uploading flight logs and refreshing any in APP purchases you’ve made.

The APP also supports stereoscopic FPV mode using your phone and a pair of those cheap VR headsets. If you get a headset with top mounted capacitive buttons you will be able to access the menus while in flight.

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It’s a modified Disco i have

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Tagging @KayKay as a Parrot owner too.


Ah ha - I had hoped as much.

So far I haven’t signed up for a Parrot account, but having read your ‘advice’ I shall go and do so. And yes, I run Android here, though I’m finding “lodging” my phone in the holder quite tricky so may have to look and see if there are any after market adaptions.

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You likely have it set in cinema mode if it’s turning that slow, switch to sports mode if you want quicker movement. Cinema mode is slow to enable smooth footage when recording video.
I sold my Anafi a while ago so I’m quite hazy on details, but I think you can change the flight mode on the screen while inflight rather than having to open the settings menu.
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I think I changed the rates and expo settings so I had the benefit of slow precise control along with agility without having to switch between modes for most eventualities. If I get time I’ll dig out one of the Anafi’s and see what settings I actually butchered.

@Nidge that would be awesome if you can.

@KayKay yes, on screen you can change between modes but none of them seemed to be particularly fast on the turn. I’ll have a dig and see what’s what.

I think I still have my tablet holder for the Anafi and a set of spare props that came with the Extended version which I never opened as the initial props were still immaculate when I sold my Anafi. If I find it I’ll give you a shout and we can discuss postage?

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I just bought one (a week ago). You can adjust the behaviour (speed etc.) the in settings or use one of preset modes.

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but I think you can change the flight mode on the screen while inflight rather than having to open the settings menu

Yep, you can switch to any perset mode during the flight from the control strip.

First thoughts ?

I’ve flown about 2 hours so far and I like it! On the other hand, this being my 1st drone, I have nothing to compare it to.

Flight times have been excellent, even in last weekend’s heavy winds and blusters I got about 20 minutes out of the battery. The app and controls are easy to use and because it’s really quiet (on the other hand, it is harder to locate because you can’t hear it).

I was impressed about the accuracy of the RTH, it returned back to the 55x55cm landing pad so accurately that I was able to land it right away without any corrections (again, I don’t know how that compares to other drones).

I haven’t tried any of the automatic modes yet, concentrating on learning to control it manually. I’m compiling a vidoe from my flights on yesterday and post here when I’ve uploaded it.

Overall, I’m happy with it as the first ever drone (I got mine cheap from eBay) because it has all features and more to get started allowing room for “growth” when my experience increases. Will I be happy with it in the long term, only time will tell.

Thanks for the feedback.

My experience to date has been a quick 2m in the back garden and nothing higher than my 2 storey house just to get an initial feel.

OOI - do you mind me asking how much you paid?

realise I didn’t reply to this,but yes please if you find the bits I am more than happy to take them for P&P plus a pint or two on top. :smiley:

OOI - do you mind me asking how much you paid?

£280, fly more combo, on eBay auction with some other additional extras (e.g. sets of spare propellers ).

I’ve posted couple videos of my flights so far if you want to check the quality of its camera (I haven’t taken stills yet).

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Hi, finally got around to digging through my storage and found the kit. I was really lazy to bring the tablet most times so you’ll find the holder is as new, the props are the spares that come with the extended so are brand new, never been used. Send me your address so I can arrange postage. Cheers

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