Snowdonia sunrise - a lesser visited beauty spot during a weekend break

I had a weekend away with my wife as a birthday treat and on the last morning before heading home I managed to get some footage at the Cregennan Lakes near Arthog, just south of the Barmouth estuary. Just finished editing it into a YouTube vid. Hope you like it! Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome🙂


Beautiful great job well done @nick.emmons :movie_camera::+1:


That’s super - music calming as is the flying - great scenery too.

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Thank you!

Thanks! I think the music is as important as the visuals in setting the right mood. And I like calming music - probably showing my age! 49 on the 18th - how did that happen?!

Fabulous video, love the music - where do you get your music? I don’t do many videos but when I do I’ve tended to use the music on the built in video editor with my iPad and the range of music isn’t great.

I’ve used the YouTube Audio Library for my videos so far. You can search by genre, mood, duration etc. There are different categories, i.e. free to use if you provide a credit in the video description, free to use if you show a specific credit with certain information and maybe a link, etc.


Wrong link @nick.emmons :grimacing:

Oops! Thanks PingSpike! It was right when I was logged in to YouTube, but having logged out and tried it it’s asking me to choose between my login accounts! I’ve edited my post to delete it. I can’t seem to find it when I’m logged out… :frowning:

Hmm, maybe it was the correct link? And it only works if logged in to that studio platform??

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Beautiful light and landscape captured. Nice flying and editing as well. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Great video, very relaxing :+1:

Awesome… love the music … congrats

Well captured Nick.

Excellent work! Very well done on this Nick,
You asked for constructive thoughts (definitely not any criticism from me), but you might want to look at varying the transitions. Always using the fade to black, or fade to white can be distracting for the viewer. I’d also consider each separate sequence length and make them a little longer - although to be fair, it could be the transitions that make it seem like each clip is too short. I’d also consider investing in Final Cut Pro, you’re clearly really good at this and FCP will give you so much more usability, particularly on transitions.
Hope this is helpful and like I said definitely not being critical.
Best wishes.

fabulous :+1: :grin:

Fabulous video … love the music can you update what it’s called

Loved it mate, very Lord of the rings :+1:t3:

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Hi Shaun,

The track is called ‘Cold Blue’ by Astron. I found it on the YouTube music library.

It’s the only place I’ve discovered yet where you can download royalty free tracks in exchange for a credit on your video.

Thanks Nick!