So do I sell my Mavic Pro or keep her?

Having bought the MP2, I have a decision, do I sell the original MP with fly more combo, or keep her as a back up? I can’t fly 2 at the same time (easily) and if I did sell her, I wouldn’t have to be maintaining the batteries…but there’s something special about your first Mavic that makes me loathe to part, a bit like the ex wife. But having found out she was having it away with the coalman, the choice was a bit easier. I only found out when I discovered a set of sooty testicle imprints on the bed sheet. Pretty sure mine were clean, I did a quick check, nope definitely not mine. I was so annoyed to find out later that Daz powder doesn’t wash whiter. I wrote to lever Bros for a refund.
They kindly replied that ‘sooty testicle imprints’ are not one of the 100 stains covered by the money back guarantee.
More disappointment.
I wrote again, pleading with them to have pity with my predicament and send me a refund… or at the very least, send a voucher for a bag of carrots for his bloody horse.
So do I sell my MP? Tricky decision.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

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After flying the Mavic 2 …Really how often will you bother to fly the Mavic… Sure its good as a Backup so to speak but in all honesty the longer its sat around the less its going to be worth… Sell it NOW. Before you take if out and something happens to it … Could be £500 - £600 worth of accessories for the Mavic 2? nice flight case new Crystalsky…ect ect.

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Good answer, and of course if I keep her, she will need registering next year.

I’d be inclined to keep it . You never know … if the MP2 gets , lost , damaged or develops a problem.
A pro photographer will always have a backup camera just in case.

Sold mine last week on gumtree.

Loads of interest.

There’s always the possibility that someone here wants one ….


Hi Callum,thought you had decided against that?.Having said that,i sold my platinum,and it went a good way towards my MP2:+1::+1:

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If you don’t mind me asking Callum, what did you get for it?
PM me?

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PM him Callum and divulge to the rest of us


Yeah I was going to keep it then circumstances changed.

Sold it for £650


I think I will do same. Cheers.

Thanks @callum !, was just curious to know what sort of price they fetch, was that for the Combo?

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That was for combo and polar pro filters.

Had loads of interest! My phone was going non stop.

I wanted a quick sale so priced on the low side.

The market for MP is still there and I don’t expect that to change any time soon.

It’s still an excellent drone and people are still looking.

I’d probably price higher and see how it goes


Got to move on some of my birds!, it annoys me to see them sit in their cases, I can’t fly them all !.
Never crashed one of them !, been my “little babies”, I treat them better than the Wife !.
All in perfect working order.
Would only get a fraction of the money I paid for them, but, I would rather see them flying, than sitting in the cases.


Thanks Callum, I’ve put it on our GADC for sale board first, if it doesn’t sell then I’ll put it out to a wider audience.