So What do we think guys? 🤔

Disapointing if you already own a Mavic.

Better bitrate so less compression but 500m max range in CE mode in ideal conditions.

I’ll pass

Edit - read it wrong. It’s 2km in CE mode with controller.

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I do like it, but it’s not a Mavic killer (thankfully) Well not until the Mavic 2 comes out.

Definitely a Spark killer though. Can’t see many will buy a Spark now.


£769? I almost chocked on me mug of tea.

Looks like I won’t be adding to the Mavic and P4P just yet :slight_smile:

I dunno. Considering how the £ has performed against the world’s currencies since I bought my MP … that’s still a load cheaper!

Very first reaction - and I’ve only just finished watching one video review so far - it’s nice. Looks good, quite sexy in fact, moves faster than the Pro, has backward sensors…but that’s about it. Still glad I bought the MP and the Spark, they nicely cover both ends of the hobbyist market (for now). With the Fly More bundle the Mavic Air still comes in at close to a grand, which still might make it a step to far for some first time buyers. It’s early days yet and we’ve still got a lot to learn.

I think it’s a nice bit of kit and with this technology crammed into a Mavic 2 It would be nice. I’m still happy with my Mavic though. It does everything I want it to do. Do like dralling over new toys though. :drooling_face:

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Well I watched the live jobby over the pond and ye its good but the Mavic is safe FOR NOW :thinking:
Lets see if some of the tricky moves come over to the MP in further updates.

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Sounds like a Spark/Mavic hybrid.
Better than a Spark, not quite as good as the Mavic.
21 minute battery time. Probably more like 17 minutes in the real world.
Not for me.


Hmmmm. I like the idea of it being smaller and lighter, and as @OzoneVibe says in the other thread, it would be ideal for trekking (and I’m off trekking in April). On the other hand, smaller is even harder to keep an eye on when flying, and presumably less tolerant of wind.

If I were buying now I would probably choose this over the Mavic Pro, purely on weight and size. But I’d also spend ages researching it!!


Nicely put. :smiley:

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Spot on my friend. WiFi connection? No way Jose.


I love how all these youtube ‘enthusiasts’ magically have the new drone the day it is released - there really should be a disclosure rule for these paid adverts. All the flying I’ve seen has been in optimal conditions, why don’t DJI give a review copy to someone living in the Shetlands so we can really see how useful it is?

It looks pretty, but I’m starting to think DJI are just taking the piss with their pricing - 700 odd quid and only one battery?

I’m happy with my Mavic, which here in the North East I can fly at least 12 days a year!


Because it’s unlikely that someone in the Shetlands has the kind of YouTube numbers these mainly US-based YouTubers do. It’s an age-old publicist’s trick of seeding a number of known supporters of a product with a new model some time ahead of its launch and lock them up under NDAs until it’s officially announced. Then they have so-called ‘independent’ reviews ready to go immediately, rather than waiting till units are in real users’ hands. DJI seem to have a very slick publicity operation at their disposal.

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The worst of them is that Casey Neistat guy. I just can’t watch his stuff, he irritates the hell out of me.
I guess the yanks must love him. :roll_eyes:

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Heliguy have posted a good comparison chart:

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Can’t stand him either.

Done alright for himself though, worth about 12 million dollars.

I think as his channel has evolved there’s be an increase in haters.

He really does irritate me these days

Given the release timing, There’s no way those YouTubers got the product that day, filmed etc and posted the review

I’m surprised you are surprised.
I know someone in the car industry that’s driven two cars the public have yet to hear about.
I don’t see a problem.