So... what's on your bench at the moment?

I swore by my Weller Pyropen. Worked great for soldering RF cables while hanging 60ft above the signal deck onboard the ship.


Thanks all. Kerching.


It will run off a 4s lipo or a mains psu (I use a toshiba laptop power brick at home)

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Thanks mate :+1:

Think I’ll order one.

I feel I should add to my previous post (#41) regarding the use of this TS100 iron.
It’s rated 12v to 24v so it suits a 3S (11.1) Li-Po pack.
However the power rating (i.e. it’s capacity to push out a lot of heat to a large joint) is dependent on it’s supply voltage.

I run mine from a 5S (20.5v when charged) Li-Ion 18650 self-built pack.
I reckon that to do the big stuff like 10awg cable onto a XT90 needs to have at least 19v (40W) and the large tip (TS-C4)

Another thing to bear in mind is that depending on the stock firmware that you get with your purchase, you may find the ‘time to sleep’ is very short and that can be a real pain.
Consider updating the firmware to one of the open-source offerings (I run the Ralim Tek APPV218)

here’s some useful links…

Cheers, and enjoy.
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Jeez Steve… I need to update the firmware on my damn soldering iron?? I think I’ll just stick a fork in the fire…


Not essential it works fine out of the box.
Just might make life easier for you :grinning:
Anyway don’t us modellers love tinkering :laughing::rofl:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Zoefpv unicorn build (some mods still to be completed)
Armattan badger dji editition with fettec stack and tmotors

Hoping to have at least one of them done by the weekend

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Wiil look forward to seeing them out in the skies :smiley:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

PS, your workbench is a damn sight tidier than mine !!! :rofl:

My work bench is the kitchen table


Monster build session today. Made a fair amount of progress… still loads to do


What’s the frame with the yellow plates? Looks nice. Is one of them for 3d flying?

The one with the 3D printed mounts is the zoefpv unicorn frame. Aimed squarely at 3D flight. It’s been a love hate relationship with that frame from day 1

Why’s that? Can’t wait to see you fly it. Should be fun!

Well it’s designed for a 30x30 or 20x20 stack based on m3 bolts…

I needed to shoehorn dji stuff into it…
So that means 20x20

Most 20x20 use m2 bolts… So that was the first problem followed by trying to fit the vista in (originally planned to use an air unit but just wouldn’t fit).

So with the help of @evilbobbins we got a design to mount the 2 20x20 stacks

Only the frame doesn’t want to go together with the stacks mounted so yea it’s a pain in the ass.

When I break the frame (and I will) I won’t be replacing it with the same frame

What would you say is better, vista or the stock air unit? Or you not tried it yet.

Not flown it yet so can’t tell you. It’s certainly a lot smaller

On my bench today…

I managed to get round to doing the mods on my Taranis X9D+

  • Hall effect gimbals, left the throttle stick unsprung to centre.
  • Large speaker, with enclosure, better sound.
  • Shielding added to ribbon cables, reduces audio interference.

…got to do something when the winds high LOL

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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On my bench… Well my lads rugby match is cancelled, so after being told no by experts on facebook, I decided to try to convert my whoop to crossfire.
I had to solder directly to the processor, but now I have crossfire with smartaudio through my tx. And probably 1 min flight time now! :laughing:


That is clever :+1: :clap:

and you’re soldering’s improving HaHa :smiley: :rofl: