So who’s using a Nvidia Shield K1 tablet?

Hi Chaps.

Just wondered what your thoughts are on these?

Thanks Ash

Wotcha Ash :+1:

Check out this thread mate:

I know @Creaky used to use one a while back and @Dronic was thinking of getting one, not sure if he did or not though.

And I think @mavictinks has one currently?

Cheers Rich.

Still have mine as a backup, switched to iPad mini 4 now.

Shield did work well while I used it, never had any major problems

Well I picked one up yesterday on eBay. Was on 0.7 but chap who sold it to me is a bit of a whizz Kia when it comes to computers so he’s rolled it back to 6 for me. I also have an iPad mini 4 but I will be switching between the 2