Some Abstract shots

Took these using an ND 1000 filter to get the movement in the sea. Followed by a regular vertical shot of a secluded beach.
Comment/criticism as usual, welcome.


These are lovely shots, great work! Two and three for me are the standouts. Great composition and feeling of movement in the sea.
Where were these shot?

Thanks Welly. They were shot around the West Pentire coastline in North Cornwall,

Very nice, and good use of the filter!


Objective achieved I think, the third is the pick for me with the movement and framing.

It’s interesting for me to hear which one people prefer. Personally I like no. 1 the best of the abstracts due to the deeper blue colour of the much deeper water.

Here is the photo geek in me explains my thought, it’s the flow created by the rock moving from left to right, drawing the eye through the frame and the water then draws you back in.

Yes, I was a member of a camera club and entered photo competitions so know all the judges speak!

Interesting analysis, thanks. Just pot luck on my part I’m afraid!