Some early footage

Hi all,
Here’s a clip of a short flight I took yesterday.
Still learning the piloting nuances but I think the exposure and colours look ok.

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@japester looks pretty good where were you flying

Just near poulton outside Blackpool. It’s a big field out the back of where I live.

its a good size i have a 30 acre common at the bottom of my road about 5 mins walk but its p*****g down at the mo:rage:

Did a short flight over the estuary near me this afternoon…

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Sorry - I’m a complete noob to drones - but have 50+yrs of experience with photography. Your colour looks way off to me - almost as if it was filmed through a pink filter (I checked with your original on YouTube , which is the same).

Compare the colour with the clip a couple of posts down from yours to see what I mean. Were you using any kind of filter? What white-balance setting were you using?

Mike :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mike,
Don’t be sorry, I’ve been playing around with colour balance and saturation in post. It’s good to hear some honest critique.
I’ll post up the unfettered video tomorrow. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Are they both pinkish? Or one more than the other?

Hi Japester - only the first one - the second one (over the estuary) looks much more like natrual colour…

Mike :+1:

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I’m going to be honest, I noticed that as soon as you posted but didn’t want to put you off as you said you liked the colour.

Some people don’t take constructive criticism as well as others and I hate offending people.

It’s only in the first video. It’s as if you have accidently adjusted tint instead of colour temperature in post.

Do you shoot in auto white balance? If so stop and set it manually, sunny, cloudy etc.

Any way I can help don’t hesitate to ask.

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Hey both,
If there’s something to improve then shout up, if I’m not told them I won’t know lol.
Camera is set to manual wb as I know the perils of it changing all the while otherwise.
I’ll have another fiddle and see how it comes out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

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Just re rendering the footage. Gamma wheel was pushed into the reds for sure. Let’s see what the next attempt looks like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What do we think of this one?

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I’m learning as well but I’d turn the saturation down a tad.

Out of curiosity, what colour profile are you shooting with?

I know the air does not have d-log, but are you using a flat profile like cinelike with saturation turned down. It’s best to if you are colour grading in post.

Hi Callum,
Filming in dcinelike (I think that’s the profile).
It’s tricky as the highlights are blown, the top of my waveforms are flat as can be!
Dunno if I can be fussed running it again, lol. Let’s see how the next clip comes out!

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Better, but there’s still a definite red cast to it. All of the red brick buildings are showing up brighty coloured, but you’re picking up red/pink colours in the (leafless) trees and hedgerows - colours that really aren’t there in nature.


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Aaah, those are the red blooded Blackpool trees, you’ve seen them before right? Lol

I’m giving up on that clip for now :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Japester You’d be amazed at the difference a single notch on just one setting can make.

Worringly, there are even differences between DJI firmware versions :open_mouth:

Check this out as an example:

Took some stills and vids yesterday. Was nice and sunny until I walked out the front door :frowning:

And a tubey one…