Some Glasgow landmarks

I took advantage of the recent decent weather to get out at sunrise and sunset. Down by the River Clyde in Glasgow is my favourite location in the city, but thought I’d also try and get some images of some Glasgow landmarks. Images shot on my Mavic 2 Pro and Mini 2.

Looking east up the river from the Science Centre & Tower - M2P, 1/100sec @ f5.6, 100iso

Pollok House - Mini 2, 1/120sec @ f2.8, 100iso.

Looking east up the river from the Science Centre & Tower - M2P, 1/100sec @ f7.1, 100iso

Glasgow University - Mini 2, 1/30sec @ f2.8, 100iso

Looking east up the river from the Science Centre & Tower - M2P, 1/100sec @ f7.1, 100iso

Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport - Mini 2, 1/100sec @ f2.8, 100iso

Kelvingrove Art Gallery - Mini 2, 1/30sec @ f2.8, 100iso

Looking east up the river from the Science Centre & Tower - Mini 2, 1/10sec @ f2.8, 100iso

The Arc Bridge - Mini 2, 0.5sec @ f2.8, 400iso.

The SSE Hydro (lit green for St. Patrick’s Day) - Mini 2, 1/30sec @ f2.8, 100iso
Although not technically correct, I liked the curve caused by the pano stitch.

The Arc Bridge - Mini 2, 1sec @ f2.8, 400iso.

Looking west down river - Mini 2, 1sec @ f2.8, 400iso


Each and every one is an excellent shot John. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Cheers Steve :+1:

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I second that.

Beautiful mate.
Also opened my eyes to Glasgow. Being a Doncastrian which happens to belong to Scotland, I can say from a fellow Scotsman, they are some bonnie photies



Kelvingrove is my favourite photo, you can see Brewdog across the road :beers:

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Cheers Steve :+1:, yeah Glasgow can look good in the right light :grinning:

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We spent 3 nights in Glasgow a few years ago and it surprised us. We’d planned some trips out of the city but never did any, so much to see in Glasgow itself. More to see so we’ll be back when the world opens it’s doors again.


:+1: so you can :grinning: :+1:


A few points to make here :

  1. An amazing set of photos - all of which I would be more than happy to put on display :+1:

  2. I’m very impressed at what can be achieved with the Mini 2 :+1:

  3. I am not jealous … no really I’m not jealous :lying_face: :lying_face: :lying_face: :grin:

  4. You have raised the bloody bar so high - I hate you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Seriously though - an amazing set of photos to be extremely proud of :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Stunning collection John, you should be pleased :clap:




Wow, amazing photo’s, as I am new to this Photography malarky! and the Mini 2 :slight_smile: which both have now, become my new hobby! One question: I see that you don’t go higher than ISO 400, when would you use a higher ISO and why?

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Higher ‘ISO’ values mean that the ‘gain’ or amplification applied at the sensor is higher - which makes the sensor more light sensitive. The tradeoff is that noise is increased. (Something similar is true of actual film; lower ISO films have a finer gain structure.) - Basically you keep the ISO value down as low as you can as is necessary to get the image you want; unless of course you actually want ‘noise’ for some or other reason.


Some excellent shots there👍

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Very nice indeed.

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always nice to see how my city is managing without me …

Some stunning shots - curious about the amount of editing on the likes of the Kelvingrove and Pollock house or have the city fathers just cleaned them all up now?

Excellent stuff…

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No.1, you’ve nailed it. Love the square format. Just a great shot. Well done!

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Thanks guys @Doodler @Jhdee @McSteamy2010 @Stevio @Sparkyws @CaledonianTV @kinega @sprill22 @Gkinghrn @Davalan1 Much appreciated :+1:

@Sparkyws I always aim to keep my ISO as low as possible to maintain image quality. I was on a one second exposure and didn’t want to use a slower shutter speed as it was a wee bit windy so upped the iso to 400.

@Gkinghrn That’s how the buildings looked :+1: no editing to them at all.

@Davalan1 Thanks. Yes, I’m rather partial to a square format landscape myself :+1:


Sorry John, a bit late to the party here but really have to agree with everyone above. Absolutely stunning mate. Really love the Hydro pano shot :+1:

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Thanks Chris :+1: