South Lakes / Morecambe Bay area

There’s likely to be a few flyers out there in & around the South Lakes area or North Lancashire specifically Morecambe Bay. Would you be interested in getting together for some flying / skill development ideas / help spotting.

I’m also involved with DroneSAR for lost dogs so if there’s anyone local to me that also does SAR maybe some training & practice on those skills would be good.

I’m up for it even if it’s just to turn up and take the piss out of each other.
Early mornings are good, locations? Stick a map on the wall and throw a dart.
I’m sure if a location looks interesting enough maybe a few members from further afield would join in.

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I’m in the South Lakes area & would be interested- my brother has a drone & lives near me so he might be too.

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Well if it’s a sunrise you’re thinking somewhere over Grange or Wast Water (maybe too far up?) would prob catch a cool sunrise with the direction atm.

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Sounds good, in Morecambe so Grange, South lakes is OK.

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What app is that for sunrise etc.

It’s called ’’ but it’s an app not a web page.
Sounds like Grange Over Sands could be good & doable for @Doodler, I’m good with Grange or Jents Bank area. What do you all think? @Lis @stevesb
Are any mornings better than others? I’m not working atm so can fit most times in.
What about you

Weekends only for me

Both good for me. Weekends also for me. But from the17th I’m on lates for a week so could do a morning that week.

Grange fine for me. My diary is a bit all over the place so would try and make it if a date was set. Sorry for being so vague.

That’s fair enough. Was thinking next weekend but until it gets closer the weather looks questionable.
Dawn is just after 5. Be an early one.

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Sunday would probably be best as less commitments for people on a Sunday. But I’m good either day.
My clan won’t even know I’ve been out either day. :rofl::rofl:

Mind you long range forecast isn’t looking good. :pensive::pensive:

I know although Sun looks slightly better than Sat. Until it gets towards the weekend you know how it can change :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hola people. Looking at the forecast for this weekend, Saturday looks better for rain but poss windier. Still below max gust tolerance for me but anyone with a mini might be in trouble.
Sunday less wind but higher possibility of rain.

Thoughts everyone?

Re parking up there’s the end of Cart lane (Carter fold depending on which map you look at :man_shrugging:t2:) / Sedgwick Ct - what3words ///sliding.mermaids.backtrack
Or theres Berners Close car park behind Nutwood medical practice (I think it’s 9am -6pm charges) - what3words ///drummers.rely.typist

Open to other suggestions / thoughts.

Forecast for my Mini 2 isn’t good for weekend so I’ll probably not be able to make it.

Yeh I was just looking

The original Mini wouldn’t like it but isn’t the mini2 similar to the Mavic2 now in wind tolerance?

I can’t make Saturday as have to work :angry::angry:
But both days are showing heavy cloud cover.
I can make Sunday but then there is a very high probability of rain.
It may be worth postponing for a week or so.

My weather app is showing 10m/s wind with gusts up to 16m/s. It’s too close to limits to risk.

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