South Shields seafront

Only my second post of a 360 pano so forgive me if I don’t get this right, I was taking advantage of the break between storms this morning and had a flight down my home town seafront and mid-flight I noticed my camera gimbal had gone haywire, when I checked my files it occurred after the pano function you can see a step in the horizon on this shot , stills after this had a very unlevel horizon , calibration was a doddle though


A pano taken a couple of days earlier with a similar stepped horizon , I’m now wondering if the gimbal is fouling at a certain point of the process, more investigation needed.
This is a disused quarry in my local area " I can see my house from here ! "


I can ( almost ) see my Mother’s old house from here !"

Nah not quite ! I should go down Seaburn and do a pano …next time !

Is it stitched manually or have you let the drone do it ?

@milkmanchris …Hi Chris its the dji pano function on my Air 2 …I wouldn’t know where to start with stitching images …I did post a pano on here prior to my recent crash I will just check that now

@milkmanchris …Rothbury pano was in Nov 21 not as obvious but there is a misalignment on the horizon…The 2 stills I took today are on the daily photo thread

They are not always perfect and big chunks of colour (like the sea) can confuse it.

Might be a good idea to try a manual stitch or do one low down in the garden or house to see if that’s any better

@milkmanchris Its just a bit of fun for me Chris I don’t do them very often and I appreciate the technology might not be perfect …interestingly I have just viewed the pano images as they come off the drone before I upload to kuula and the fault is in a different location each time and obviously occurs in a single frame while the gimbal is in its uppermost position if that makes sense

Maybe try a gimbal calibration then as your first thing and see what the next one looks like

@milkmanchris …That makes sense Chris and easy to eliminate I will do that but wont get another flight in for a while , work gets in the way followed by the weather and finally her indoors …you know how it is ! …thanks Alan

Never has a truer word been said