South West Meetup - 25th June @ 2:30pm - Brean Beach

Looking to organise a meet up in the South West area fairly soon - @group-southwest

I was thinking about next weekend possibly. At the moment Saturday afternoon might have a shower or two, but Sunday looks fine.

The location will probably be Brean Beach as there is car parking on the beach or there is the NT car park. The area between low and high tide is Crown Estate and therefore flying of drones is permitted.

This is to the south of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. Just north of Burnham-on-Sea.

if you have never been to Brean Beach it is a 6 mile stretch of sand and is the second longest stretch of sand in Europe. So plenty of space to fly, especially if you are new to Drones.

Low tide is at 4:48 am and 4:53pm and high tide is at 11:14am and 11:21pm for Saturday. Extend those times by about 30 minutes for Sunday. So afternoon is far better on both days.

Happy to push it back if required, but might as well go for it :slight_smile:

The entrance to the beach is at ///prepped.juicy.outlooks the NT car park is ///remains.vaulting.trial or thereabouts.

Please let me know if interested and which day works better for you.

You can vote for both if you want. But if the weather looks a bit iffy for Saturday afternoon, we might need to defer to Sunday afternoon anyway.

  • Saturday 24th June in the afternoon
  • Sunday 25th June in the afternoon

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Hi Ian, I can do both, hence voted both. Happy to go with the flow :+1:

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Perhaps @McSteamy2010 will make a guest appearance :clap:


Us too

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I’m interested in this, either day is good, I’ll know for sure when I’ve had my hospital appointment Wednesday :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I’d love to but I’ll be working all weekend. Hope the weather is good on whatever day you go with.

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Damn. To close to planned holiday else it about drive-able.

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Hi there, very new to the drone scene and just picked up a DJI Phantom 2 from a work colleague. Finding somewhere to fly around Yeovil area restrictive due to the two FRZ’s of Leonardo & Yeovilton so I’ll probably come down and say hello :smile:

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Not this time sadly, but if there’s another in the future (perhaps at slightly longer notice) I’d be keen.

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I can only do Saturday, voted :+1:

Thanks all,

I suggest Sunday afternoon (Sorry @Steviegeek )

Parking on the beach is £3 after 2:30pm so suggest we meet then or £6 before.

High tide is 12:04pm so it will be on the way out.

I suggest meeting at ///diverged.robots.dared which is towards the cliff that sticks out. This is close to the NT parking.

So 2:30pm
Sunday 25th June
Brean Beach

All are welcome including partners, children, drones etc…

Look forward to seeing as many as can make it.

No worries @DroneGeek
I’ll catch you another time
Hope you all have a great time and the weather is good for you


Hi Ian @DroneGeek - looking to be there around 2.30pm :+1:

cool meeting people with drones :slight_smile: . see you there

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Can’t make this years meet, had a blast last year. If it had been on Saturday could have made it, but Sunday I’m in N.Wales.
Enjoy yourself.

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Sorry guys, my back has been bad all week so can’t come. Also looks a bit windy for my plane

If the ralgex works, I’ll be there at 2.30

I used to use that, it’s not bad … but since trying Voltarol Gel - that’s my goto now :+1:

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I’ve got voltarol, but it isn’t touching it.
Need a good rub Chris…

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