Southampton before dawn


As normal my body clock awoke me at 3am so I’ve decided to go and see if I can find another night light area for photography.
This is the docks about an hour before sunrise this morning.

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery
Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

Brilliant shot! :+1:


I second that
Note to self try getting up early in the morning


@sparkman999 lol, unfortunately or fortunately in some stages it’s a good thing having a touch of insomnia.


Loving that shot @Sky_scater, incredible detail and colours :+1:


@BrianB Cheers Brian.


It’s a TERRIBLE photo! … it’s making me think about an M2P … and there’s no way I can afford one! :frowning:




Go on Dave, you know you want to?


I know I bloody can’t, too … which only increases the frustration.


Guys!, need a whip round for Dave !:wink:


Can’t wait to get mine - so much detail


< fingers-in-ears > “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah” < /fingers-in-ears >


What were you setting on that photo?
I’ve yet to try my M2P at night.


Set it on Hyperlight. That does the settings automatically but as far as I know it was 1.2 seconds at f2.8 not sure about ISO though


Thanks Stef !, always useful to know.


No problem at all.


That is an amazing pic, love the colours… :sunglasses:


@Turbys9 Cheers Darren


Sell a kidney
Having two is overrated