Southampton Cruise Terminal?

Can someone please clarify for me as maybe I am having a brain fog, but I thought within category D airspace we need permission to fly?

Looking to fly around Southampton docks and this is well within Southampton Airport area. However according to NATS it is outside the FRZ.

I have checked on dronescene and the area is covered. On some maps I have also seen some maps with drone flights scheduled in this area. Or am I reading the maps wrong?

Am I wrong (probably) or is NATS wrong (I doubt it) , but I assume I am good to fly…

re Class D Airspace …



Maybe I was confused by the fact this area was showing 3 recreational drone flights operating in this area. Odd that these were added to the map if permission wasn’t required. Unless all three were heavier than 25kg.

Not been flying for a while and so I had got confused.