Southerndown last year - very good day

Had a great day last year when a friend and I high quite a few locations one after the other. Here’s the first few pics, taken really early in the morning.

I’ll add the other photos to this thread. Can’t remember the settings on any of them, sorry, but all were taken using the Mavic Air and edited in lightroom.


All locations I absolutely recognise - being as I’m Bridgend based :slight_smile:

Lightroom will tell you the settings, not that they are important other than as a general “rule of thumb” guide. When in the develop module, keep pressing “I” and it will cycle through certain displays - if you haven’t changed the defaults then it will show you the settings used.

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Yep, I got hacked in December - lost everything, including all my RAW files. All I have left are the JPEGs I sent over to my iPad. I was not a happy bunny. It’s all Ok now though, thank goodness!

Here’s a couple more from the same day:


Nice shots :clap:

I use Dropbox to try and protect me from that sort of thing.
Sorry it happened to you :frowning:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for these… Southerndown is my favourite beach, ever…
I’m in Gloucestershire, and a few years back (15 maybe!) I was taken there by friends from work as we didn’t have a closer (or better) beach available!
Thanks for this blast from the past!

Ouch that’s not nice.

All my images (and other docs) are instantly backed up to the cloud on a continual basis and I am able to retrieve older versions of the backups, and I think the versioning is unlimited. So if I was hacked today I would literally lose only today if I didn’t have the originals - and I never delete / format my cards straight away.

But at least you got something and even jpg’s can hold details but that depends on what you configured from lightroom. But there are other ways and for example, your first shot of Witches Point tells me:

ISO 100 @ f2.8 and 1/200s exposure and you auto-bracketed.
It was shot June 2nd 2018 and you were at an altitude of 220m
You tagged it with the label “Green”.

Do you feel like I’m stalking you? LOL

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Ha! A tiny bit stalked :slight_smile:

Here’s some more, again all from the same day. The one with the water isn’t weirdly colour corrected, it’s a mineral pool that naturally looks that weird Radox bubble bath blue :slight_smile:


You definitely got around on that day.

I keep meaning to try and find time to get to Brombil Reservoir. Maybe after all this madness is over. Out of interest, where did you park / walk from?

By the road. There’s a dead end which leads to a footpath. Just follow it up the hill and you’ll get there. It’s a really nice venue - 20 minutes casual walk, but gets quite hilly at the end. There are some really nice spots to just take general pics too.

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