Southerner goes North

Taking my life in my hands and heading ‘up north’ (well, not as north as some of you) to spend a few days with my good friend @Steel-eye in Sheffield. We’re planning as much flying as possible - and as the weather permits. Looking forward to wide open, NFZ-free spaces.

Hope the natives will be friendly to a southerner in their midst. :slight_smile:


We’re very friendly!

See you soon



Have fun! :+1:

Make sure your passport is up to date.


As you’re coming to Sheffield may I suggest that you have an evening travelling to Bradford (not too far) - the curry capital of the UK (including Brick Lane, etc.). Well worth it!

Some great places in Bradford, Kashmir isn’t what it used to be but still worth a visit for the history of the place, we’ve been using My Lahore recently, suits all tastes and the kids like the milkshakes

Where are your favourites @BCF

Thanks for the idea, @BCF. Mouth is watering already.

Made a trip to Bradford years ago, specifically to visit what was then the Museum of Photography (is it still there?). Arrived on a Monday only to find it was closed all day Mondays! I can still feel the frustration all this time later. :disappointed:

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Completely off the topic of drones but if your interested in shooting or ever just wanted to try it you should spend an hour at this place in Barnsley.

Was down that way on a training course and went to the “try shoot” one night.

Great experience! The owner is ex forces and you get a good chat, firearm safety lecture then get to fire a semi auto rifle with holographic sight at turning targets.
3 round bursts from ready on his command and you only have 1.5s of the target being exposed.

If I’m ever back down that way I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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None at the moment. Many years ago, and I mean many years ago, my work colleagues and I had a group outing once a month to Bradford specifically for the curries but to be honest I can’t remember which ones we went to - probably as a result of the beers we drank too. I haven’t been there for quite a while now.

Ahhhh you have brought the bad weather with you up here. When are you going back down so our good weather can return???

Yeah its still there although its gone through a few changes,

I was lucky enough to attend a lecture given there by David Hockney himself in 1986

If you’re making a trip up, nearby Saltaire is worth a visit, including the Hockney Gallery at Salts Mill & 1853 Gallery - Culture & Art - Saltaire - West Yorkshire | Welcome to Yorkshire

+1 for Saltaire - especially with a stills camera at night but equally good for drone flying around the mills and along the river. One of my images in my ‘A’ level photography course I did a few years ago was the mills at night.

Good work Callum
we went to Florida last year and regretted not pre booking a shoot before going.
will definately give this a go.

thanks a lot.

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It’s well worth it, you will love it.

It’s £34 for 100 rounds and takes about an hour. The owner runs it military style but that’s part of the fun.

If I lived closer I’d definately be a member.

Next school holidays I will book it for a session with my lad.
thanks mate.

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