Spark flying funny

Hi all, haven’t written on here for a while due to health problems, so also haven’t flown my spark in some time either, up Untill yesterday, I took my spark out for a little flight as my kids and wife were exercising in the area behind my house. When started flying, I noticed that the spark was unresponsive at times, I took it up to about 50m and went to bring it back down and it didn’t respond at all, eventually it did respond, also happened a few times when generally moving forwards or backwards. Anybody else had this problem? Any advice appreciated. I’m using the dji go4 app.

These are always difficult to diagnose without more info.

Some requests if you are in a position to do so.
Upload your log file to either Airdata and/or Phantomhelp.

Upload a screen capture of your log playback in your Go4 app.

Also you could try recalibrating your controller. As it’s been sat idle for a length of time it’s possible the sticks may have some dead spots due to ingress of dust etc.


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i would hazard a guess at wifi interference . especially at the moment

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