Spearman MK1 Race Drone

This venture started some while ago and as time has been granted via lockdown, I’ve ended up getting adding more detail just to pass the time and practice CAD.

If it flies, I’ll share the files and parts list for anyone who’d like to print it, it’s taken time to just get the drawing right for everything to fit. I’ve had to tweak the parts in Assembly without which you’d run several hours of printing to only find parts don’t fit…ask me how I know, learnt from being lazy…

Here’s a video, no sound, couldn’t be asked…




Looks good, looking forward to the *stl files :slight_smile:

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It’s looking like a 5Hr print, experimenting with extrusion for a robust print. If you’re using S3D I think it’s possible to upload the fff file too.

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I’ve got the printer nearly tuned in now, here’s the underside diaphragm I’ve been experimenting with.

It makes life easier for printing tiny holes as it’s better than a normal raft.

A bit shiny

Test fitting the electronics which has revealed a need for a design change of the lower PCB supports as they interfere with 4 microchips.

Infill at 98% and slightly thicker extrusion with a 25% overlap, more stiffness rather than looks.


I might get this drone finished if it didn’t evolve as I went along…🤦🏽

The latest design change came about when I found my strobes which I misplaced a year ago…:see_no_evil:

The change is to incorporate the strobe to flash through the transparent PETG…

After a fair bit of printing with no strange outcome, this happened during a slight mod to the top.
It appears I hit a a dodgy part of the filament which resulted in this failure. I have since stored the filament in the airing cupboard and will test it later.


Shifted the RX under the top deck…

Moving on…Capacitor mount.

I chickened out of printing the XT30 as part of the main frame as this part requires a completely different print profile and it’s failure would mean loosing ~5-6Hr of printing. Now printed as a bolt on part.


It’s always the way isn’t it. You finish printing and realise “I’ll do it a different, better way”


That’s why I love designing, you never get bored, the down side is you might run out of season to fly.

Next project is forming with simulations spinning around in my head but it looks like I’ll be playing with paint and brushes to keep her indoors sweet…:rofl: