Speedybee F405 Baby AR wing Pro build thread

Looking at those pins u push through on the FC do u have to solder them in on the other side of the FC ?

I tend to pop a bit on either side but have to do it quickly.

If you do one side then the other and you’re not quick it will loosen the other joint.

What you building mate?

I have no idea how you would solder both sides, the plastic covers it. I would hold one row in and solder the first and last pin, check for if its level and if not fix, otherwise finish the rest. The solder will fill the gap between pin and hole so its more than just “one side”.


What are you building a wing?

Baby AR wing Pro I take it you don’t have to use the pin s you can just soldier to the board?? Save some weight or does that not apply with wings???

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I’ve updated the title, so you can keep us all up to date with the build as it progresses :grinning:

I look forward to the updates and seeing it fly

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You can avoid using pins if you like but the wiring becomes a nightmare and its then permanent (relatively :thinking: ) Weight it less of an issue with wings so a few extra grams won’t be a big issue.

A lot of fixed wings have removable wing sections to aid transport. Using dupont connecters (the pin connectors on the FC) means you can transport the wing in three pieces and assemble to fly.

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Nice one mate. I’m about to start on the ar wing pro.

Got all the bits just need to make a start

Yah never thought I’d go down this rabbit hole :man_facepalming:t2: looked at those along with loads of others​:rofl::rofl: decided to start small see if I like flying them :thinking:

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Same as me. Had a cheap air unit spare and a few other bits. Only the wing and stack that I had to buy.

Was advised the biggers ones are easier to fly :man_shrugging:.

Will have to meet up and have a fly again. The bando we went to before is ace for wings. Loads of space


You can solder direct the wires. I did that once. Would rather headers. And yes you only solder one side. Hot, flux and solder in and out. A lot easier to solder than one rather than remove them I can tell you hah

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Depends who you speak to. I had lots of advice saying yep go for the ar wing pro.
Then someone pops up and says “oooooh a wouldn’t have started with that. Too big for a beginner and can be too hard to set up”
You take ya chances. Just don’t let my lad near it. :rofl:


Well just an update more or lest got everything in just need a nano was thinking of going for 1 with large antenna? .

Only problems I have is unsure where to put the GPS do you surface mount it obviously the right way up and I have a ground and I think a control cable coming from the ESC which I’m unsure where they go ??

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The black and white from the esc are the signal cables and connect to the throttle output on the flight controller

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Just had a look at the wiring diagram and can see where they go ??

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Looking through the diagram would it be S1 ??

Yes Nick
S1 is the motor

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Servo inputs S1 through S11 are all the same at the moment, you will configure them to be Motor, Aileron, Elevator, etc once you are setting things up in INav.

E.g. S1 and S2 on mine is Motor 1 and 2 and S3 to S5 are Elevator and Ailerons.

White wire is the only one that need to be connected as Motor Signal wire. Black is just another ground which you’ve already connected, no harm I believe to connect it but it’s the same ground output.

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What does the vx mean on S1 ??? So these are like Uarts on a quad then ??

5 volt unless you changed the servo output to 6/9V

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