Sphere photos

Hi, how do I get the full sphire effect photo from DJI go4 app to just my storage so I can see it rather than opening the app? Might be something simple, I just don’t know how to.

Thanks in advance. :+1:

I would like to know also?

I’ve never used that feature on GO4 but can you not just copy the photos from the memory card?

Yeah I can copy the photo bit it doesn’t give me the full effect of the sphere.

Sorry mate, I’m not fully understanding the issue here :slight_smile:

What app are you then trying to view the downloaded photo(s) in?

You know when you have the sphere on the GO4 app? And you can click on it and it opens to a 360 view of the photos stitched together? I’d like to be able to view it like that without having to open the app.

No, like I said, I’ve never used it before :blush:

If you want to view a 360 without the use of GO4, you’ll need a third party app of some sorts. Some people use https://kuula.co/ which might be of use here?

I’m only aware of being able to see these by uploading the stitched 360 pano image to something like Kuula (Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To) … but even then you don’t get “an image” … because the parameters of the TinyPlanet are variable and can give you different appearances. So, even from there one can only take a screenshot as an image.
I’ve tried some TinyPlanet apps on my phone (though admittedly not for about 12 months so there might be something new out there) and was never very impressed.
Anyway - that’s what you need to search for “TinyPlanet” … and find one that will accept a stitched 360 panorama image or that will stich the 34 images your Mavic will have created when taking the 360 pano.

(Again - on Android - I spent ages trying to find a phone app that would do the stitching in the correct manner to create a 2x1 for uploading to Kuula … since the one the MP creates is such appalling resolution. One significant improvement with the M2P.)

On Windows, you can use ICE (other apps for Windows and Mac are available but none free) to do the stitching of the 34 images, AND export a “FishEye” image … but, technically, a Fisheye image is different to a TinyPlanet … which is what your example is from the Go4 app.

An example of a FishEye export from ICE …

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Hugin is free and worth a try if you have no access to other stitching solutions, multi platform too.