Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth - Unedited

These are my first pictures flying a drone, unedited that’s the next thing I will learn later :slight_smile:


Congrats on your first pics @HEX5555 :smiley:

Be sure to shoot in RAW(+JPG) for editing at a later date.

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@PingSpike Yes i have watched a youtuber who says that, also does D-cinelike in the Pro settings on the Mini 3 Pro make much difference for editing?

No, that mode will just give you finer control while flying.

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@PingSpike sorry i edited my post just as you was replying, I saw a option in the Pro camera settings colour tab called D-cinelike whats this do?

D-Cinelike is a video mode where straight out of the camera all of your footage will look pretty washed out and desaturated, but when you get it into an editing program you will have a lot of flexibility in terms of colour correction etc.

You can still edit and colour correct using the other video modes (which look a lot nicer straight out of the camera). It’s just another option you can use :blush:

@PingSpike was referring to the Cine control mode (as opposed to Normal or Sport) which slows everything down and makes all the movements seem smoother when flying.

Thank you buddy, i was just reading up on it, Think i will leave it till i learn how to edit videos/pics.