Splash one Mavic Air

How my first drone, a Mavic Air, met its end :frowning:

Subtitled “Why you shouldn’t get fixated on the camera view, back into a tree, and crash into Lancaster Canal”

I’m not sure what is in canal water, but it certainly killed the drone - sold for spares and proceeds put towards an Air 2


Drone killing lurgy.

Sorry for your loss :confused:

No worries - my own dumb fault :frowning:

Onwards and upwards - the Air 2 is great, as is the Mini 2 I also bought a bit later :slight_smile:


I feel your pain. On my third flight with my first Mini I got involved with some tree branches and could not steer out and down she plonked into a raging torrent :cry: :cry:

No chance it could be retrieved.